The real reason expended, decomposing animals usually are dumped into dog food: the material is too hazardous to landfill. Your FDA has chosen pets are living trash dumps, the best place to discard dangerous animal product.

In a recent meeting with Fda standards, the agency stated many haunting things. One: anytime FDA was enquired directly- if the agency continue to ignore law letting (illegal) diseased, deceased animals to become pet food ingredients after sure risk was talked over (endotoxins) – the agency said-

“We’re going to make it possible for animals that have died other than by slaughter that happen to be further processed; we’re going to allow those substances in pet food. However hopefully people wouldn’t normally use that proteins in a raw commercial dog food diet.”

In the same reaching when FDA has been questioned about the significant amounts of dead/diseased livestock being sent to pet food, the business stated: “So 3 mil plus animals go to landfills?”

Here’s the reality to why Fda standards ignores federal regulation and allows “3 billion plus animals” (dead cows, road kill, euthanized animals) a year in pet food instead of landfills-

Colorado government web page states disposal involving dead animals “must become managed in a manner that avoids the spread of illness and contamination for soil and floor water.”

Texas states: “Animal carcasses has to be handled properly to avoid harm to people, herds, flocks, waters, and the overall setting. Several problems can easily arise if dry livestock and rooster are disposed of incorrectly:

  • Diseases can be spread to folks and animals.
  • Carcass fluids can leach into and pollute groundwater (wells).
  • Bacteria plus viruses can be transferred to surface water (streams, ponds, lakes, or even rivers).
  • Obnoxious gases together with odors can be produced to the atmosphere.”

Michigan offers specific laws in regards to the disposal of inactive animals: “The Bodies regarding Dead Animals Respond, establishes guidelines for any proper disposal for dead animals, to shield human, animal in addition to environmental health.”

If you are doing a Google search for “landfill animal carcasses” you find page after page after page of express regulations discussing the health risks (and requirements) to fingertips of dead animal carcasses.

It boils down to this-dead/diseased animal carcasses have to be disposed of safely. Creatures can be buried, yet this has to be done properly which is close to impossible on modern day feed lot agriculture operations, some excellent animal mortality rates. Dead/diseased animals can be incinerated, but this method is a significant cost to the farmer.

Rendering dead/diseased critters is a safe means of disposal. BUT ONLY for disposal. Rendered dead/diseased animals are a a number of risk for high degrees of endotoxins and a certain chance to pets having those materials in a very pet food (as stated by way of USDA).

In our meeting, when we pushed FDA so that you can enforce existing legislations the agency stated “So Three or more billion plus dogs should go to landfills?”

My initial response appeared to be “So you want pets come to be living landfills?” Following meeting, as I discovered more, this is exactly what is going on. Pets have become lifestyle landfills for substance that is too unsafe to ground garbage dump and too much of a cost to farmers that will dispose of properly/safely.

FDA has selected C without remorse C to allow pets to consume threatening, illegal pet foods. FDA has elected pets to be dwelling landfills. All canine consumers deserve to recognize which pet foods/treats contain dangerous, illegal compounds. A pet food/treat warning label can be required.


Wishing you and your pet(ersus) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safe practices Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Evening meal PAWsible
Association for Real truth in Pet Food

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