A fabulous question through Dr. Michael T. Fox’s syndicated newspapers column bears practicing. Short and so, thus true.

Dr. Michael Watts. Fox is a colleague of this website, buddy to pet food shoppers. Recently published in his newspaper column, I recently found in the Washington Write-up, Dr. Fox responded a pet owner with one of the best questions I’ve seen about canine.

Dr. Fox was giving an answer to a pet owner in whose dog developed a problem; “brown, sticky fluid oozing from the skin around his rear thigh, plus the whole area is actually inflamed.” Dr. Monk looked at the ingredients inside pet food and then he / she asked these insightful new questions…

So very true. Far too many dog foods and dog food ingredients help simply the bank accounts of your makers and retailers.

How did these products get onto the market? The public of FDA in addition to AAFCO (State Department with Agriculture) are who actually approve those synthetic ingredients and artificial colorations. As well they accept the use of dead, impaired livestock in canine. ‘Who are FDA along with AAFCO helping beyond the makers and sellers?’ More often than not, we know with truthfulness, they are not helping all of our pets.

Thanks Dr. He for your very genuine words. http://www.drfoxvet.net/


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