All dog foods use method of preservation. This prevents the food from going bad and reduces the odds of foodborne illness. Unfortunately, some of these ongoing availability methods can be very hazardous. Chemical preservatives and over running can cause digestive complications and may even be dangerous, causing chronic health problems. So it is important to take note of preservatives when shopping for nutritious dog food.

Chemical Preservatives That will Avoid

When shopping for a dog food, you should always start by reading the constituents. Even if most of the elements are healthy, if your food contains a chemical like preservative you should try to find another brand. Acknowledging chemical preservatives can be hard, therefore we’ve put together a listing of ones to avoid:




  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT): BHT is usually an antioxidant preservative that preserves fat plus prevents food via going rancid. BHT is a cancer causing has been linked to cancer malignancy in lab dogs.





  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA): BHA works similarly to BHT which is often used in league. It is an antioxidant additive that prevents both oils and fats from spoiling. BHA, for example BHT, has been linked to cancer tumor.





  • Ethoxyquin: Ethoxyquin is a banned additive in Australia and the European. It’s primary usage is as a pesticide nevertheless it has been used to preserve foods from ruining. Ethoxyquin is linked to kidney and bladder breakdown, digestive issues, as well as stomach and intestines tumors.





  • Propylene Glycol (PG): PG may be a chemical found in antifreeze that is utilized in food that will stabilize vitamins and also add texture and wonder. PG has been linked to ailing liver problems and cell phone damage.





  • Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ): TBHQ is another fats preservative that helps prolong shelf life. The World Wellness Organization has found that prolonged exposure to TBHQ will cause cancer and cell phone damage.





  • Propyl Gallate: Propyl Gallate is a weight stabilizer been restricted from the United Kingdom because it is linked to blood symptoms. Studies have also linked propyl gallate to allergies, dermis irritation, and cancer.




Some Healthy Preservative Methods

As you will find, most chemical preservatives can be toxic to your dogs. So you want to look for more natural preservatives. One of the best ways is to find a healthy canine that uses healthy efficiency methods rather than depending upon additives to protect their particular food. Here are some with the common, healthy upkeep methods used by pet food manufacturers:




  • Freeze-Drying: Freeze drying is usually a mechanical process that speedily freezes the food then simply uses a strong vacuum to remove the glaciers. This removes the moisture and leaves the food completely dry and ready to possibly be stored. Freeze-drying is great as it leaves most of the vitamins intact.





  • Air Drying: Atmosphere drying is a preparing method that dries thier food on low heat. This removes any moisture and helps protect the food. Unfortunately, high temperatures air-drying can cause the food reduce some of the nutrients. This technique is still preferable to element additives.





  • Refrigeration: A lot of clean pet foods rely on freezing or refrigeration to help preserve freshness. Continue to keep food cold maintains the ingredients stable plus prevents foodborne illness. In addition, it preserves the full vitamins and nutrients of the food, but could be more costly to the patron.




Healthy preservation methods are a good way to ensure that food is in a good condition. However most of these processes can be really costly, so as to be more expensive. So is to purchase you can pursue is certainly natural preservatives.

Natural Synthetic ingredients That Are Good For The Dog

There are many natural salt that can be added to canine. Many of these not only preserve the food but also supply some extra nutritional value. So if shopping for a healthy pet food, look for these unpleasant chemcial preservatives in the ingredients screen:




  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C, usually listed as “ascorbic stomach acid,” is a purely natural preservative humans have used in their own food for thousands of years. Vitamin C is an de-oxidizing that works to control fat and prevent meals from going rancid. And it also is a necessary source of nourishment for your dog, it’s the same a great natural preservative for dog food.





  • Vitamin Age: Vitamin E, also known as “Mixed Tocopherols,In . is another natural chemical that bolsters canine nutrition. Vitamin E can be an antioxidant preservative just like vitamin C and will control fat and natural oils. Vitamin E is an essential source of nourishment to dog health, supporting healthy layer, skin, and joints, so it is a really great selection for preservation.





  • Potassium Sorbate: Potassium sorbate is often a potassium mineral salt. Like vitamins Chemical and E, blood potassium is an essential nutrient to your healthy and wellness of our dogs. Potassium sorbate helps reduce the growth with fungus and harmful bacteria, helping extend the particular shelf life of foods and reducing the chances of foodborne illness. Potassium sorbate helps as well the food taste fantastic, so it’s a great organic preservative.





  • Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano: Rosemary oil, mint, thyme, and oregano are all healthy preservatives that are safe and sound for dogs. These kinds of herbs are purely natural antioxidants so they will help stabilize fat. Pets also love the taste regarding herbs so it’s method to bring a robust essence the food while guaranteeing it is safe to use.





  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea herb is loaded with minerals, so it is a great purely natural preservative when taken out. The antioxidants out of green tea can control fat and oils and prevent dog food from becoming rancid.




So as you can see there are lots of options besides hazardous chemicals to sustain dog food. Between high-quality upkeep methods and normal additives, there is no need to present your dog the high risk preservatives. So when you are shopping make sure to carefully read the brand and you can find a really healthy dog food totally free of harmful chemical preservatives.