It was love initially sight after i saw my little French bulldog for the first time. I call my best friend Goofy because that is what he is. A playful, clever, handsome French bulldog made his way into my life and took control of my heart in no time. But, I am certain a number of other dog owners have the identical story where they fell in love with their dogs. One of the things that we must take proper care of is to provide the best food for French bulldog.

French dogs are small in size. Their perky and upright ears make them easily distinguishable using their company bulldogs. They adjust well in apartments and the city life just like they do on the countryside. Some breeds aren't suitable to be with young kids but a French bulldog is totally fine. They also adapt well towards the changing weather. Their playfulness, loyalty, as well as their devotion will make it very difficult for you to not take one home along with you.

Although my Goofy turned 4 years old recently, I still feel like I acquired him yesterday. We spend every moment that people were awake together. He would only fall asleep if he knew I had been nearby. I had been very hesitant before I got a pet because it is such a big commitment. After i was getting Goofy, I designed a promise that I would always try my favorite to deal with him.

Most of us pet owners contribute to play that consumes a lot of the hours from our day. Some people have to go to work, while some have chores to complete in your own home. We don't also have the time you want we did, which results in the negligence in our beloved pets.

We try to hire individuals to walk our dogs if we are too busy but, one thing that will get neglected probably the most is the diet. Obviously, giving our pets the food we eat could give them serious health problems because the dietary requirement differs. 

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Here Are Some Of The Food Products I understand About1. Nulo puppy dry food( salmon and peas)2. Hill's Science diet for adult dogs (Sensitive stomach and skin)3. Honest Kitchen's human grade dehydrated grain free food4. Stella and Chewy's freeze-dried food (super beef)5. Sojo's complete grain-free freeze-dried dog food (beef recipe)The Best Food For French BulldogSome Tips For a French Bulldog's DietBefore You PurchaseConclusion

Here Are the Food Products I Know About

1. Nulo puppy dry food( salmon and peas)

Nulo puppy meals are a favorite food of many pups. Most of the pet owners who utilize it are very pleased with the product. It also provides your dog with the nutrition that they need. 80% of the proteins within the Nulo puppy food comes from the meat, which provides the key amino-acids for muscle growth. Additionally, it has essential fatty acids and calcium.

The founders of Nulo was once partners in walking dogs and pet-sitting. Among the owners said that sometimes they had to give injections to pets because they acquired diabetes because of the unhealthy food they consumed. This is exactly what led these to form their own companies. It's certainly one of Goofy's absolute favorites. 


  • It doesn't have actual chunks of chicken or peas so it has a longer shelf-life
  • The ingredients possess a low glycemic index
  • It also has calcium to strengthen the bones
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 will give it an excellent and glossy coat.


  • Not recognized by the AAFCO Pet food Nutrients Profile

2. Hill's Science diet for adult dogs (Sensitive stomach and skin)

Hill's Science diet aims towards different breeds which have different dietary requirement due to a health reason they might be facing. One of my buddies used it for their dogs as well. It appeared to help with the sensitive stomach issue. If your four-legged closest friend also has some type of an illness then most probably Hill's Sciences have a diet prepared, which may be suitable for them. 


The ingredients from the Science Diet has barley, pea protein, chicken liver flavor, iodized salt, and much more. It's best suited in case your dog is between the age of 1 to six. Many of these provide a lot of protein somewhere. They also use flaxseed in the food because it is a great provider of omega-3. Used to do use it for Goofy for a few weeks to assist him not put on weight as his leg was broken and the poor thing couldn't walk properly. 


  • It contains comparatively fewer calories
  • It would work for small dogs and puppies who aren't the most active to prevent weight gain
  • It has antioxidant and Vitamin C & E, which help to make the defense mechanisms healthier and stronger
  • The ingredients used are all natural and have no artificial coloring


  • Not recommended for dogs with allergies

3. Honest Kitchen's human grade dehydrated grain free food

The chicken recipe continues to be dehydrated therefore it might be stored for a longer period as a wet chicken includes a considerably shorter life. It is not only nutritious but it is also very tasty. Although Goofy didn't like it much, my sister's pup licks the bowl clean. The components also have a bunch of other vegetables and fruit like sweet potato, banana, pumpkin, green bean, plus much more.


Honest Kitchen relies in California. They are noted for the taste and also the quality of the food that they provide. Their team is made up of owners, vets, and nutritionists among others.


  • It is made from real free-range chicken, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Dogs of any size can consume it
  • Although the food is dehydrated, still it maintains the minerals and also the vitamins
  • The formula is grain-free, which means that it does not have wheat, soy, or corn
  • It doesn't have kinds of byproducts, preservatives, added hormones, or antibiotic
  • It may be the first kind of food that is made with 100% human grade ingredients


  • In the February of 2019, the FDA had requested a recall of certain kinds of the recipes which were dehydrated. This was because there were suspicions of potential salmonella contamination

4. Stella and Chewy's freeze-dried food (super beef)

Dogs are carnivorous by nature, they crave meat. The meals must definitely taste nice by how quickly Goofy empties the whole bowl. The ingredients used are a 100% natural, which will put your mind at ease as there is no dyed color or additives that might be harmful to their health.


Since the food is dry, the shelf-life is fairly good too, which means that the meals can last you for a long time. The meals also has traces of minerals to help provide the canine with all the nutrition they may need. The meals does not have any type of hormones, antibiotics, or fillers added to them. 


  • It is 100% natural and very-well balanced
  • Made in the united states with naturally raised meats
  • Freeze-dried without thawing is much more convenient
  • It is also a great option if your dog has a sensitive stomach


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5. Sojo's complete grain-free freeze-dried pet food (beef recipe)

I have tried the product. It is natural and wholesome. The main ingredient is raw beef along with cranberries, yams, and flaxseeds. These ingredients can give a boost for your dog. Even though the ingredients are freeze-dried, they do not lose their taste or the texture when they're re-hydrated. There are various different products designed to satisfy the different needs. Overall the diet plan should really help with the fitness and all around health. 

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Sojo's products have natural foods like apples, celery, broccoli, pumpkin etc. The beef package has low glycemic-index and omega essential fatty acids amongst other things. Some of the pet owners in the park recommended this. 


  • The ingredients used are of high quality and therefore are natural
  • It is grain-free and gluten-free
  • The meal provides your canine with all the nutrition that their body needs


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The Best Food For French Bulldog

Stella and Chewy's super beef formula is loved by owners for their nutritious value as well as by the dogs because of how tasty they are. Lots of owners I understand apply it to regularly and so do I. The food has a long shelf-life so you do not have to be worried about it going bad. It's no additives that might harm or irritate the digestive system of your canine. The best part would be that the meals are traced with minerals so that all the nutritional dependence on your frechie is met in a single meal itself. 

Some Tips For a French Bulldog's Diet

French Bulldogs are just as special just like any other pet is, if not more. They are small in size and therefore are pretty playful too, that makes it an immediate love connection. They're usually low-activity pets that don't need any hardcore pursuits like some other breeds do. Like every other living thing, frenchies need a nutritious meal if you want them to live an extended and healthy life.

1. What to feed your French Bulldog?
There is a so special book of guidelines that you have to follow although there are a few things you could take care of. One particular example is that they should be on the meat-based diet for health reasons. It might be nice in case your pet could receive freshly made meals. But, in this age and fast-paced life, we humans don't get lots of time to cook to live in. This is where you will have to go and purchase packaged food for them. There are a variety of food items that you could choose from. You want to do a web-based determine how other owners felt about the product before buying it.

2) Techniques
The calorie requirement of your pet depends on how big or small they are. There is a calorie per serving on the label; it should assist you to choose how much you have to feed your pet. It's also wise to discuss this in your appointments with the vet. You can call the number around the label if you need more information. It is better to understand instead of risk it as being it might affect the health of your best friend. Wheat products happen to be observed to cause digestive issues in certain Bulldogs, so you might wish to look out for that.

3) Precautions
French bulldogs are recognized for quickly inhaling their food. This breed, particularly, is actually motivated by food and even treats. If they gobble up their food too rapidly, they are pushing themselves towards becoming obese, that will invite more health-related problems that will cost you worry and cash too. 

The best diet for any French bulldog is the one that has one or even more than one kind of whole meats in it. French dogs are carnivorous and love some lamb or a fish for a meal. It will also help if their food has omega 3 and omega 6 inside it so that their coat also looks well and shiny. 

Before You Purchase

If you have decided to buy a packed meal for your pet then you will find that the whole aisle in a supermarket should be filled with options. You will need to be specific. Choose a choice that's directed towards your breed, be sure to browse the label to understand if the calorie would be sufficient or not. You will also have to keep an eye on the cost since there is going to be similar options in a different budget range.

When it comes to purchasing readymade food for your pet, canned and dried food will be the same task but canned are more expensive. Canned food comes with more water in them, which makes some pet lovers believe that it would help their pets become more hydrated. You might want to look out for things that would trouble obese of your pet. Watch this video if you want to know more about French bulldogs.


Here are the items that I have tried personally or I have known other owners like my pal or my sister to use for their dogs. Dogs are our best friends, so it's important that we take care of their nutritional need as well so that they can live an extended and a healthy life. If you liked this short article, be sure to share it with fellow pet owners. You could also drop us some queries in the comment section below.