To see how to prevent my puppy jumping up and nipping, I had to take a look at why she was doing the work.

Not every puppy will be acting just like a crocodile on springs for the similar reason, but there are some common causes.

To lessen the behavior we have to look at why it's happening, and ways to reduce the temptation.

Nipping when jumping up is worth addressing as a separate issue to general biting, because knowing the reason it can be even easier to prevent.

Jumping, nippy puppies are often motivated by one or more of:

  • Exploring with their mouth
  • Hanging clothes
  • Wiggling fingers
  • Over excitement
  • Accidental rewarding

Jumping and biting is completely normal for most puppies, but we can reduce it a lot by altering our behavior and managing our homes.

Exploring with their mouth

Puppies like to chew, gnaw and nip at everything they are able to. It is a method of exploring and interacting with their environment.

Even babies, who have hands to choose some misconception with, still shove everything they want to investigate into their mouth.

Your puppy can't even handle the world round her, therefore it is obvious why everything of great interest ends up bitten.

But to wish to explore with their mouths, your puppy needs a target for your attention.

They need to visit something they would like to get to know better.

A tempting target.

How to prevent my puppy jumping up and nipping my clothes

Clothes really are a major source of puppy nipping, and a big cause of their bouncing to grab too.

When you don't have a puppy in the house then your clothes can be chosen for fashion, convenience, comfort, work, fun. A variety of reasons!

Once that puppy arrives home, for the next few weeks they'll have to be all about bite avoidance!

Loose, flappy clothes are a puppy favorite. As are those that have bows, or trailing ties.

Find tight fitted outfits that do not fidget invitingly just from your puppy's reach.

And always wear something on your feet!

How to stop my puppy jumping up and nipping my fingers

Few things are quite as shocking as when you're having a quiet talk to someone one minute, and find a puppy hanging from your hand the next.

Fingers really are a seriously tempting puppy tooth target.

They hang low, wiggle around and often contain tasty or fun things. What puppy wouldn't be keen to try and have a taste!

Dealing with finger nipping involves altering your behavior just a little, before the habit and desire are gone.

Hands up!

Don't worry, you aren't in trouble. But your fingers will be when they keep dangling down like that.

I've been laughed at on several occasion by individuals who see my travelling with my hands in the air if you find a puppy in the home.

But who gets the last laugh when my digits are bite free!

Try to get out of the habit of smoking of overly gesticulating when you talk, so if you feel standing or travelling the puppy just pop your palms onto your shoulders.

If they are not hanging down, your puppy won't jump towards them.

Accidental rewarding

What do you do then your puppy jumps up and nips at you?

Most people exclaim in surprise. They may move suddenly.

Some could even absentmindedly reach down and give the pup a pat on the head.

Or stoop to play together at their level.

Anything you do that the pup enjoys, from funny noises for your attention, rewards the puppy for jumping up and nipping at you.

Even in the event that wasn't your intention.

When your pup does jump up and nip, try your very best to not react.

Move your hands or the clothing they were opting for slowly up out of reach, and wait them out.

How to stop my puppy jumping up and nipping my kids

The same management methods we used above can function well to assist stop your puppy from jumping up and nipping your kids.

But, they will not always completely resolve the issue.

Children really are a much easier target for your puppy's teeth.

This means that sometimes when they are within the line of fire, we need to use containment solutions too.

Crate training is incredibly helpful here, as you've somewhere that the puppy will go when they're being nippy.

A crate encompassed by a playpen is better still if your kids are around for a lot of your day, as this allows your pup somewhere to experience and muck about without getting together with them directly.

You will find a whole lot techniques specifically designed to assist kids coping with nippy puppies here.

How to prevent my puppy jumping up and nipping my guests

When your pup is little you'll need as many visitors as possible. Which can feel counterintuitive when your puppy plays up for the new faces.

But it's vital that your puppy gets used to lots of strangers popping over for any coffee.

Happily greeting people of every age group, sizes and shapes.

That way they'll be open to your visitors once they grow up, rather than being wary.

During this time it's tempting to let your friends and relatives make a fuss of your pup no matter their behavior.

But you can wind up setting yourself up for problems afterwards.

House rules

It's not always popular with your friends and relatives (a few names spring to mind for me-), however, you take some clear and straightforward your policies when you've got a puppy.

My puppy house rules include:

  • Settle in then say hello – wait five minutes before allowing them to pet and greet the pup.
  • Ignore them when they're jumping up and nipping.
  • Don't wrestle – no play fighting or rough housing.
  • Stop petting if they bite.

Most people will follow these rules as they are pretty easy. But not everyone.

Some people think they are fully aware better.

For these folks you need-.

Plan B – remove your puppy

You'll have to be firm here, but you can perform it inside a cheery voice with a little self-deprecation added too permanently measure if you feel the necessity.

Here are a few of my go-to's:

  • It's the puppies nap time now, sorry!
  • Time for any potty break!
  • Oh dear, you're a bit an excessive amount of fun, calm time now!

Each of those should be said whilst physically lifting your pup up and away from the situation.

Otherwise go outside, pop the pup down outside by your feet and stay there but ignore her while she calms down. And so do you!

They'll soon outgrow it-

As you have often seen there are lots of measures for managing a puppy jumping up and nipping, but because with so many other issues the primary option would be time.

Almost all puppies grow out of jumping up and biting to you because they get older.

I have rarely seen one over Six months old that also will it, and beyond it's usually only when they are extremely over excited.

Try to manage their time and play carefully, as well as your outfits for the moment, and things will soon be a lot more peaceful again!