When a dog is brought to a new home, it’s your responsibility to consider good care and train them well. Set routines for him to follow along with to get accustomed to your lifetime. To prevent any chaotic situation that may exist in the future, stay at home for several days initially. This change may cause alterations in the dog’s behavior.

Dogs exhibit behavioral problems, generally towards any major changes like changing home or routine changes. If not controlled or properly trained the dogs will build up these traits with increasing intensity as the days pass by.

Most common behavior damage that is ignored by the owners are

1. Puppy Dog Eyes – Begging

Issue: Whenever a dog makes puppy eyes and you know he is requesting food out of your plate, it might not bother you initially but slowly it starts getting annoying and also you get irritated. Don’t get irritated and leave. That’s the stage where you need to think an alternate for this problem.

Solution: Providing the pet using their separate food and treats every now and then can eliminate this issue.

2. Expressing Happiness By Jumping Up

Issue: Dog’s hop on you to show their affection. At times, it could seem loving and cute, but this may not be the case throughout the members of the family. Even if you live alone, take into account the times you liven up to visit work in order to enjoy a beautiful evening or even to a party even though waving goodbye he pounces on you and ruins your clothing. Don’t get aggressive only at that behavior, it may be stopped with patience and training.

Solution: When your dog attempts to jump, don’t react until he stops so when he does then greet him or pat him. Do that till he stops this habit.

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3. Biting

Issue: Whenever a dog bites there might be grounds like fear or pain. Puppy bites and nips around as they try to explore their surroundings, the folks along with other pets too. This happens specially when they're teething.
Solution: This behavior shouldn't be promoted as it might increase with the age and dog bites may harm others. It may be put to a stop by proper training and teaching commands like STOP that they understand.

4. Explore Different Tastes – Chewing

Issue: Puppies have a tendency to chew to understand more about different tastes and it’s an all natural activity observed while pups are teething.

Solution: Train them not to chew everything as several things may cause injury to their own health. They will also start chewing shoes that are unsafe. Provide lots of chew toys and treats that he can chew.

5. Leash Pulling

Issue: Dogs generally have the tendency of pulling away when leashed up. It’s not a good behavior and cannot be promoted. If you also pull when the dog’s pull away, it'll create a feeling of resistance in them and they'll try to pull away more.

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Solution: To avoid your dogs from pulling away, you shouldn't acknowledge the act when they're doing the work, just stand still and as soon because they stop, hand over a goody. It signifies that your pet has been doing something good. Besides treats, you may also pat them or praise them.

6. To achieve Attention – Barking

Issue: As there is a saying, “A barking dog sets the street barking”
This can be a very bad habit you need to stop at once. Whenever your dog barks, we have a tendency to be aware of reason. If they want something and therefore are demanding it, and when it is presented to them then you are avoiding unhealthy behavior and letting them have it their very own way.

Solution: The simplest way to prevent unwanted barking would be to reinforce your pet when he is quiet, teach your pet a quiet cue and provide your dog a food-stuffed toy or bone as he is outside for any length of time.

There are also improper habits too, like digging, eating paper, whining, inappropriate elimination, aggression which may be treated during training of the pets.

Dogs prefer to obey. It provides them security. Make them obey your commands so that they inhibit good habits. Don’t overlook these habits. They can’t teach and train themselves, someone needs to guide them.

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