Are you wondering how to clean puppy pee on tile? Most puppy parents experience these little accidents in the first couple of weeks of bringing their pup home.

Puppies prefer to pee in areas where they've already peed. So, you need to remove any and each trace of urine in the floor.

Specialist enzyme cleaners are the best way of removing puppy pee from tile. But, there's also some easy homemade cleaning products.

How to wash Puppy Pee on Tile – Contents

  • How to wash puppy pee on tile
  • How to wash puppy pee on carpet
  • Removing puppy pee odors
  • Home cleaning remedies
  • Why do puppies pee inside?
  • How to avoid puppy accidents
  • Potty training methods
  • How long does it decide to try house break a puppy?

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But, if you are having consistent problems with puppy accidents on your floor, it may help to see the data on preventing future accidents at the end of this informative guide.

How to wash Puppy Pee on Tile

Cleaning puppy pee on tile is less difficult than cleaning it from carpet. This is because there's less for that pee to soak into.

Make sure you put your puppy away in the puppy zone whilst you're cleaning.

Mop up as a lot of the puppy pee as you can. You can soak up with disposable towels, or having a proper towel that you could throw straight within the wash.

Next, you will have to soak the area with an enzyme cleaner. The number you use and the period of time it must soak is determined by the product. But, there's often a guide around the packaging instructions.

Make sure that the area is totally saturated to ensure that all traces from the urine are removed from any cracks and crevices.

Dry the area thoroughly once you're done.

How to Clean Puppy Pee on Carpet

If it is just a rug or mat, you can test to clean this within the washer. But cleaning urine from a carpet is a touch harder.

The first step, just like how to clean puppy pee on tile, would be to soak up as much pee as you possibly can. Use sponges or some different of absorbent towel or paper. You might need to stand on it, and switch the towels once they become saturated with urine.

You can then rinse this area with water and repeat the process of soaking the liquid with towels.

Once as much liquid is taken away as you possibly can, make use of your professional enzyme cleaner. Leave this to soak to your carpet before removing. You may need to use it a few times.

Remove the pee once you notice it. Because it's more difficult to get rid of dried dog pee!

How to get rid of Puppy Pee Odors

Puppies have much better senses of smell than us. So, if you do not take away the traces of urine properly, they will likely smell it and pee there again.

Don't be shy with the amount of cleaning product you use. It's better to completely soak the area with your cleaning product than to leave any trace of urine.

An enzyme cleaner will break down the proteins in your puppy's urine to remove the smell.

Home Cleaning Remedies

A specialized cleaning method is best for cleaning puppy pee, because it breaks down the proteins in urine, and can remove any trace of pee and it is smell.

But, there are some alternatives you can use to clean puppy pee on tile.

A rather easy choice is to mix some laundry detergent with a few water. Soak this around the area where your pup has peed.

Another option is to mix white wine vinegar with water. Many people also suggest using baking soda in this mixture.

Leaving baking soda to sit around the area overnight before vacuuming up is another option for particularly stubborn stains.

These alternatives might not be as effective as a specialized cleaner. But, they're handy if you need to act fast and don't have an enzyme cleaner in your own home.

Why do Puppies Pee Inside?

Finding puppy pee in your tile is frustrating! So why do our puppies do this?

Puppies don't know you don't would like them to pee on the floor. So, they might pee inside simply because they check this out as an appropriate toileting area.

Pups often like peeing on soft surfaces. For those who have carpet, this could make life difficult!

Puppies also like to pee where they've been before. So, there are cleaned your puppy pee properly, your puppy will be able to smell the urine.

This can put you in an irritating cycle for cleaning puppy pee in the same place in your house every single day.

But, if you remove any traces of pee, and take further steps to prevent future accidents, you can get from the cycle.

How to Prevent Puppy Accidents

Potty training a puppy can be a lot of work. And it's important to recognize that accidents can occur!

The best way to prevent puppy puddles on your floor is to steer clear of the accidents to begin with. That means finding the right potty training method for you and sticking to it.

There are pros and cons to each method. But, both of them are better than just clearing up after your puppy and hoping he starts to pee within the right place by himself.

But My Puppy Already Pees Where He Shouldn't

Don't panic in case your puppy has peed where he shouldn't. You can still work to prevent accidents later on.

But, you should cleanup previous messes properly. Otherwise, it will make preventing future accidents harder.

Let's take a look at there's two main potty training methods to find out just how you should be preventing puddles from now on.

Potty Training Methods

There are two main toilet training methods you can choose from – indoor toilet training or outdoor toilet training.

Neither one is better than another. But, one may be better for your lifestyle and puppy goals.

But for now, let's take a brief look at each method.

Outdoor Potty Training

The outdoor toilet training method teaches your pup to go to the bathroom . outside. It calls for taking your pup out often initially.

But these trips outside will gradually be produced less frequent.

This method might be tougher for people living in apartments – but it is possible.

Pros of Outdoor Potty Training

  • Involves less cleaning inside
  • No transition period to toileting outside

Cons of outside Potty Training

  • You'll need to wake through the night at first
  • You can't leave your pup for very long periods

Outdoor potty training is usually easiest for people who work at home, and those who have an easily accessible outdoor area.

This is because it requires a good training schedule. At first, you may need to take your puppy outside every 10 to 20 minutes.

It can also take more than you may expect to extend the distance between these trips. So, you will be spending most of your time with your puppy for that first few months of the life!

Indoor Potty Training

The second type of toilet training gives your pup a place inside the home where he is allowed to pee.

This method usually makes the most of puppy pads. This can not be completed in a crate, but must be a designated focus your house.

Pros of Indoor Potty Training

  • You will not be woken up at night
  • Can leave the pup alone for brief periods

Cons of Indoor Potty Training

  • More smelly and involves more cleaning
  • Puppy might tear in the pads
  • Puppy could eat their own poop
  • Takes longer to transition for an outdoor toilet area, if this is your eventual goal

This method is usually better for those who do not have easy access to an outdoor toilet area.

Or people who know their puppy must be alone for an hour throughout the first couple of months.

Choose the Method That's Perfect for You

It's essential that you set your puppy as much as succeed. So, think carefully about which method is best for you.

You could even wind up using a combination of the 2.

Choosing the right toilet training route is the best method to prevent unwanted accidents later on.

How Long Does it Decide to try House break a Puppy?

When you search how you can clean puppy pee on tile, you may be wondering when you won't have to bother with this anymore.

But, there is no easy response to how long toilet training takes. This will depend on a many things.

Management and prevention is your the easy way avoid accidents until your pup has more control over their bladder.

Small breeds (like toy and teacup dogs) often struggle with toilet training more than larger dogs.

This is because their bladders are much smaller, so can't contain as much liquid. They will have to pee much more often than bigger dogs, and could take longer to get proper control over their bladder.

Even when they are in a position to hold on for longer, they're likely to pee more often than bigger dogs.

How to wash Puppy Pee on Tile – Summary

Cleaning puppy pee on tile needn't be a stressful experience. Just be sure to get rid of any trace of urine, therefore it doesn't be a habit for your puppy.

And, if you're still struggling with potty training your pup, make sure you take a look at our online puppy parenting course for more help.

It needn't be a stressful process! And, whilst it may well be a busy few months, it will likely be worth the work in the long run!

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