It is said that each year that the dog lives is equivalent to 7 human years but there are lots of theories and opinions how old a dog is in human years. Like us, every dog is an individual and their lifespan also depends on many factors like smaller breeds of dogs generally lives longer than giant breeds, but their “average life span” is only an estimate, meaning you will find pets who lives longer there are the ones who've shorter lives. Here are the things that can influence your dog’s life span.

Breeding and Genetics – Some breed of dogs are susceptible to certain health issue that's the reason researching your dog’s pedigree line before you think about breeding them plays many.

Nutrition – Give them a healthy diet according to their breed and lifestyle, day to day activities. Feeding them fresh, nutritious and high quality pet food can influence your dog’s life span. You'll find several sites with products review as well as ask advice to fellow pet owners. Providing them with nutritious meal shouldn’t just end of the daily dog food meal, if you like giving them reward treats or simply something to ensure that they're busy, provide them with only natural Quality Dog Treats.

Exercise – Giving them proper exercise based on their breed and lifestyle is a critical part of a healthy body for our dogs. Some breeds require daily exercise to remain good physical and mental health. Many dogs suffer from being secured and chain as their owner can’t give time to walk them. If this sounds like something you can’t commit to to a dog, please think about a type of breed which will fit your lifestyle too to find the best of both.

Veterinary and Healthcare – Sometimes, getting a good veterinarian is difficult, but it’s worth constantly and effort to find one. They said dogs can feel if people like them or otherwise, so it’s better to look for a veterinarian who genuinely likes dogs so you’ll be assured that your dog will get proper medication and be prioritized in the event of emergencies.

Environment and Hygiene – Like us, it is also vital that you our pets to stay in a good environment. They're impacted by a little bit of pollutants or toxins since they're also closer to the floor and uses their noses to explore and sometimes also groom themselves using their tongues meaning they are able to easily ingest and absorb toxins. Pets who spend most of their lives outdoors are also prone to more stress from being exposed to several elements which includes extreme temperatures especially during summer, heavy rains, snow and hail.

Mental Stimulation and Emotional Connection – We all need to become loved to get the most of our lives and our pets require it too! Through an emotional bond with their families, whether human or along with other pets, helps pets to feel more enjoyable and happier. Mental stimulation is also important. Play games and purchase toys that can stimulate a pet’s mind.

Living the Good Life! – Yup, super true! Living a good life can help pets live a long and very happy life. Pets who have an appropriate life have less stress dealing with all the things we previously mentioned. For example, if you want to use a journey with your dog, you’ll make sure he’ll be comfy and safe inside your car there are many products available like 4Pets ProLine Crates for dogs which is made to transport pets safely and comfy, it's also crash tested by TUV-SUD, the planet leader in testing and product certification.

“Dogs come into our way of life to show us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A brand new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart.”