This is another first. Client representatives have been expected to participate in an industry guided seminar to provide ‘exactly what the consumer wants’. FDA might be speaking, State experts will be speaking, market representatives will be chatting. And…consumer representatives arrive at provide our enter too. Wonderful chance us.

At the AAFCO consumer meeting in Present cards (1/17 – 1/20/2016 in Isle of Palms, South Carolina), AAFCO is actually holding a special session to help teach compound suppliers and brands how to go through the component approval process. AAFCO said (and Mollie Morrissette and Doctor. Hofve) to participate in this particular session providing information on what consumers would like from ingredient explanations. My presentation is based on what you tell my family you want them to know.

So…acknowledging that this session may be for industry, and understanding that it is presented to educate industry (pet food manufacturers, animal feed brand names, ingredient manufacturers) how you can go through the proper procedure for approval associated with an ingredient – consumer supporters are asked to found on ‘What do furry friend parents want via an ingredient statement?’

We possess 20 minutes (which is a great deal of time!) to give each of our presentation. What do you want business to know?

What are your challenges/frustrations along with pet food ingredients?

If this is to understand a pet food ingredient – where do you go to find that characterization?

How easy or difficult is it to find the concise explanation of a pet food substance?

Do you understand the definition?

Does this list of ingredients for a pet food label provde the right information? What / things you like or detest?

What do you want the pet foodstuff label to tell you (during reference to ingredients simply)?

And anything else you can analyze – what you want from commercial dog food ingredients – that will be terrific. I will put together a presentation based on your feed-back – and after the AAFCO getting together with I will provide this presentation here for every body to see.


We don’t see whether ‘they’ will listen – but…Food and AAFCO along with field will be hearing our presentation. It is a superb first step to getting your voices heard! This thanks to AAFCO (specifically to help President Richard TenEyck) for giving us this chance.


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