are changing and people are becoming busier day by day. Hence, it's becoming
tougher to take care of pets in a manner that is time-saving and smart.
Technology has encompassed all of us from everywhere and dog parenting isn't
left untouched that is a good thing.

To support this emerging trend, we at CanadaPetCare have brought 5 such gadgets that you can buy and decrease your dog parenting tasks


While you are out at the job, thoughts like – “What he/she might be doing?”  or “Isn't he/she missing you or sad or using a go at your sofa?” can cross the mind. Sometimes, when you're feeling low in your office, you may wanna see your furry pal and raise your mood.

Furbo, a surveillance camera that comes with 2-way audio, one-way visual components, along with a treat dispenser assist you to and your pet in which to stay touch. The unit is especially made for pets and you may avail it in -$169-$175.

Paw Cleaner

This is a wish answered for a lot of dog parents because washing the paws is a task and this small bucket lined with soft silicone bristles will help clean up mud, dirt, and other unwanted things out of your pooch's paws. Buy this for $12 to maintain your house clean along with your pup's paws.

iCalm Dog

 Dogs who are suffering from anxiety can be calmed using the soothing 4-hour long soundtrack of the device. It had been tested in dogs and the results were positive. The unit comes with SD cards with specific utilizations. Calm your canine's anxiety at just around $100 while you fix the main reason for his/her anxiety.


A dog will never become bored of fetch. Any time you take a ball in your hand, your dog can come wagging his/her tail, jumping and eagerly awaiting you to toss the ball. If excitement had a face, it's that. However, you might get fed up with throwing the ball but they won't, hence, the iFetch will help you to toss the ball up to a distance so long as 30 feet with only a push on the button. $84 is the price you have to pay to sit down comfortably and play 'fetch' with your dog.

Whistle Pet GPS Tracker

You do not have to worry about losing your pet while you are by helping cover their him/her. Just attach Whistle Pet GPS Tracker that accompany an application, on to your canine's collar. After the installation, once your pooch crosses the “safe area” decided on your part and fed-in the app, an alert as well as your pup’s current location will be autonomously sent to your mobile. It just costs $80 to maintain your pooch from becoming lost.

if used wisely, has always helped humans in increasing efficiency and
decreasing efforts. You can buy some products and gift your pooch a new
experience altogether.

about technology, in Pet healthcare sector as well, manufacturers are using
different technologies to come up with treatments that kill and repel parasites
like fleas and ticks and Seresto collar may be the result of fusion of technology
with healthcare.