Has your dog ever urinated on the Christmas tree?

I was horrified to learn my dog Expert lifted his calf on one of my own parents’ indoor plants 1 summer. Not this Christmas tree yet almost as bad.

I find out a lot of dogs receive confused when there may be suddenly a forest in the house, especially if it’s actually a real tree vs. a fake tree.

Imagine dozens of smells!

So how can you prevent a dog from peeing on the Christmas hardwood or at least prevent the behavior? Let me know your ideas and suggestions in the comments. We’ll share my strategies below.

How to stop your canine from peeing within the Christmas tree

1. Take your doggie out for lots of bathroom breaks.

To decrease your pup’s likelihood of peeing for the tree, make sure to carry him out designed for potty breaks more usual. Ideally, require him out for a long walk right before you determine up the tree.

2. Usually do not make any logic.

If your dog is a female, she could continue to try to mark a tree.

If your dog can be neutered, he could however try to mark the tree.

If your dog is typically potty trained, he could possibly still get confused plus pee on the shrub.

If your dog did not urine on the tree in 2009, that doesn’t mean he will likely not do it this year. He or she be more territorial this year or higher confident or maybe the 2011 tree has extra smells on it. You will never know.

Don’t make assumptions.

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3. Don’t confidence newly adopted pets or visiting pet dogs.

Even if you’re told your canine is 99 percent potty trained, he could however try to mark any tree. Trust me.

Just as a dog is free of diapers in his own home plus in your home normally, that doesn’t mean he’ll know the sapling is off limits.

The secret is to supervise the dog at all times until you’re likely he’s going to leave any tree alone. Employ a kennel/crate when you can’t keep an eye on. You may need to go back to pet dog potty training 101 like in supervising constantly, keeping mistakes and enjoyable with treats intended for going potty outside the house.

4. Keep your dog leashed.

Not actually all the time, but at the least when you first set up the actual tree or when you initially arrive at a new home with a tree. This is a good idea when you take your dog into almost any new home anyway.

The reason for the leash should be to keep your dog in your sight at all times.

5. Kennel/crate your pet when you can’t watch over.

This is a good idea around the breaks anyway because there are numerous tempting packages along with decorations. If you don’t have a kennel, then give your dog in a bed room or other area that is definitely dog proof.

6. Generate an invisible boundary throughout the tree.

Dogs do admiration boundaries if they’re offered clear boundaries to start with. If you decide a smallish area around the sapling is off limits to your dog, simply tell him “no” or even “leave it” when he approaches in which boundary. Reward your ex with treats and praise for staying back.

7. Use a fences or gate to block the tree.

If essential, you could consider putting your tree in a place that you’re able to include from your dog which has a baby gate.

Another option is to set up an ex-pen across the tree.

This is basically such as a “play pen” for dogs but rather than putting the dog in the pen you’re using the pen to keep canine out! This is not really my number one option, but I know of more than one person?who uses this selection because of her nurture dogs. Hey, you actually gotta do what we gotta do. Many people love to foster canines and still want a nice tree!

8. Use a Furry friend Corrector or Doggie Don’t Device.

If your dog looks too interested in any tree and is not giving an answer to a firm no, you could attempt correcting him using the Pet Corrector, which sprays compacted air at the dog. This won’t hurt your pet. It will just startle him a bit.

Another options the Doggie Don’t Device, that creates a loud old fashioned noise at the force of a button.

9. Use the ‘Keep It’ command.

Leave it is made with handy for so lots of scenarios and this is one particular. As your dog tactics the tree, you would probably tell him “leave it” then reward him with regard to moving back.

10. Make use of a belly band.

A puppy “belly band” fits around men dog’s belly so if he tries to level in the house, the waist band catches the particular urine. It’s kind of like a diaper. You want to continue using other methods to train in addition to this because the abdomen band?doesn’t actually show him not to indicate. It’s just there in order to save your tree (or even your furniture, carpets, and many others.)

For females that make, you can use dog baby diapers. These are actually sold at quite a few pet stores because they’re used anytime females go into warmth.

11. Praise good habits.

Don’t forget to reward your dog for good conduct using treats and also affection. Praise your pet for lying soundlessly on his dog bed or about the couch or no matter what?spot he’s pleasant. Good boy!

So people are my brief tips!

What would you increase the list?

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