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When we first followed Baxter, our plan had been that he would remain in an outdoor dog go when we weren’t residence. We thought that would be a nicer environment as compared to being locked in your property alone all day.

There was really a fenced run guiding our small barn but it connected to an protected dog house inside of the barn.

We cut down the pernicious weeds, cleaned out the house and also built an awnings to provide extra shade. It seemed like a great space for a dog. Specially one like ours that loves being outside, sniffing all the smells and viewing all of the birds along with animals.

However, Baxter hated the function.

My dog is an escape artist

The first time we put him in it, he / she didn’t even turn it into a minute.

It turned out the space between the gate as well as fence was adequate, and our pet is strong enough that he or she could push their way out.

I adjusted this hinge, tightened up the screws and sealed the gap.

It didn’t work. Bax braced his shoulders nevertheless pushed his exit.

I added a second latch at the bottom of the checkpoint. The result of that was your tunnel.

We weren’t willing to give up though. My partner and my father within law?laid nylon uppers along the bottom in the run and born it to the fences along the perimeter. I actually buried the nylon uppers in dirt and then covered it all that has a layer of wooden chips. The result was initially more excavation and another type of Baxter’s strength