How would you introduce your canine to a new puppy?

I use a 10-year-old Lab mix named Ace, and we are getting an 8-week-old Weimaraner pet in April.

Get all set, Ace!

I have no problems about introducing each because Ace has got met literally thousands connected with dogs, dozens inside our own living room. He has been good with intros as well as sharing his living space, so a puppy should be no big deal.

Still, I need it to go better than just “OK.” I’d like to see my dog to essentially like our puppy and not just be indifferent so that you can him.

Here are a few recommendations I’m going to try. Of course, please share your ideas or issues in the comments in order to introduce your dog to your puppy. Thank you before hand for sharing your ideas.

How to introduce your dog towards a puppy

1. Know your dog.

You learn your dog best. You probably know how he’s likely to respond to a puppy, and you know what’s best. Do not let me or anybody else tell you otherwise.

For example of this, I know my dog Ace will likely display indifference to the pup. He’ll likely smell the pup and then resume his bed as usual. I don’t expect your ex to be excited and also jealous or even interested. I truly think he may be indifferent.

That’s so why my first tips are centered around making the puppy FUN together with POSITIVE for Genius.

2. Introduce your dog along with puppy in a basic area.

It’s usually much better to introduce two brand-new dogs in a fairly neutral area. That way there may be less likelihood with the adult dog that will feel possessive or maybe protective. With such a young puppy, this is a lesser concern. The older dog will naturally know the pup is just a newborn baby.

(Avoid busy places, especially areas heavily trafficked with dogs including dog parks, shores, Petco, etc.)

3. Create beneficial associations

In my case, I want Ace to have a constructive association with the pup (as opposed to. indifference), so I want to introduce them in a “fun” region right away when we convey the puppy home