A Michigan veterinarian talks out against real estate agent sulfate – a commonly used dog food supplement. When his personal dog got ill and ultimately died, they connected the spots back to copper sulfate.

From any Battle Creek Enquirer

Dr. Phillip VanVranken’s dog was diagnosed with hardworking liver disease. A biopsy exhibited the dogs hardworking liver contained more than Couple of,000 parts per million involving copper. “It should were under 300,” he explained. “Actually, it should were between 50 in addition to 60.”

It was too far gone for Dr. Phillip’ersus dog, but this bold veterinarian is not making this dangerous pet food supplement quietly move unnoticed. His analysis found that this way to obtain copper was authorised for pet food items based on research regarding pigs.

“Somebody wrote content back in 1993 pertaining to replacing cupric oxide,” he said. “People did some assessments and decided water piping sulfate was a more biochemically available source of eating routine for pigs. So someone decided to go across the board to all (animals with just one stomach) and get a new one with copper sulfate.”

Since 96, VanVranken said the number of most dogs with copper storing in their livers was climbing and he was sure it was because of the copper mineral sulfate that had no place from a dog’s diet.

“There’ersus no such sickness as copper dearth in dogs,” he was quoted saying. “There’s no bonus. It occurs naturally generally in most grains and wood meats. This was most based on a paper with regards to baby pigs.”

Dr. VanVranken has reached AAFCO – with little fix. And he is also reaching out to pet food manufacturers. Most people shall see just what exactly that response is.

He at the same time contacted Michigan Talk about University asking should they had seen an increase with copper in most dogs, they reported for you to him “almost half got too much”.

Hats off to Dr .. VanVranken! Thank you for investigating this condition and taking that to regulatory respective authorities. Pet food consumers very much appreciate your efforts.

I spoken with Dr. VanVranken late this morning. I provided her with a contact on FDA that I anticipated would listen to the perspective and data upon copper sulfate. Fingers surpassed they listen. For the time being, if your pet food delivers the supplement copper sulfate – remember to share this information associated with potential build up for copper in the hard working liver with your veterinarian. Physician. VanVranken told me if this is ensnared early enough, the liver organ can be detoxed. Below will be the link to the full report – including various bands of veterinarians your veterinarian can reach out to in order to learn more.



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