You might have seen the tv commercial from Omnipotent Canin touting the discrepancies between Labrador Retrievers plus Golden Retrievers and their breed of dog specific pet meals addressing those variances. Are there any breed unique pet foods or is this marketing?

The YouTube video of Elegant Canin’s commercial leads people to believe that a reproduce specific pet food for Labrador Retrievers differs from your breed specific pet food for Golden Retrievers; “Because exact nutrition can transform your furry friend into a magnificent pet.” Is there this as “precise nutrition” for our house animals?

“Precise nutrition”…let’s see that.

Below are the first five substances and the Guaranteed Research into the two dog food products featured in the preceding pet food commercial…(note: the 1st five ingredients make up the majority of the pet food by way of weight) Royal Canin Adult Labrador Retriever Dog Food and Royal Canin Older Golden Retriever Dog Food

The 1st five ingredients are exactly the same in both foods, simply in a different structure. The Labrador commercial dog food has a significantly bigger protein percentage, however , fat and roughage are similar. Is this highly accurate nutrition specific to the two breeds?

Giving Regal Canin the benefit of the skepticism, let’s assume this dog foods really are ‘precise nutrition’ for a Labrador retriever and ‘precise nutrition’ to get a Golden Retriever. Going with this unique assumption, why is the actual Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever dog food sold in great britain different ‘precise nutrition’ versus the US version?

Below are the initial five ingredients on the US Royal Canin Golden Retriever Person Dog Food and the UK Noble Canin Golden Retriever Adult Pet Food

The first five elements are significantly distinctive in the two Glowing Retriever dog foods, aminoacids and fat is actually higher in the UK canine. Wouldn’t ‘precise nutrition’ really do the same for Fantastic Retrievers all over the world?

Another breed special pet food line is Eukanuba. Eukanuba and Royal Canin are owned by the identical company – Mars Petcare. Below are the first five ingredients and the guaranteed analysis regarding Royal Canin Adult Labrador Puppy Food and Eukanuba Adult Labrador retriever Dog Food

‘Precise nutrition’ for starters Mars pet food specific to help Labrador Retrievers consists of 30% healthy proteins, but breed particular nutrition for the same pet dog in another Mars pet food consists of 23% protein – significantly different nutrition.

The Mars Souverain Canin commercial tells people that Labradors and Goldens “actually eat, digest and practice energy differently”. Because of this “take, digest and process energy” difference between the two kinds, we can assume Omnipotent Canin developed special food items designed specifically for the demands of each breed. But…within the other Mars brand Eukanuba, Labrador retrievers and Goldens must not possess those same differences as the Eukanuba brand believes this one dog food can also be offered to other breeds; “Additionally Ideal for Golden Retriever, Flat-Coated Retriever, Curly-Coated Retriever, Chesapeake Gulf Retriever, or Irish Water Spaniel.”

And once we compare the the primary five ingredients connected with two US types of Labrador special dog foods to some UK Labrador unique dog food…all manufactured by Mars Petcare: US manufactured Royal Canin Adult Labrador Retriever Dog Food, US constructed Eukanuba Adult Labrador Retriever Canine Food, and UK manufactured Omnipotent Canin Adult Labrador Retriever Canine Food

We find different compounds, different protein, excess fat and fiber proportions in the three doggie foods – all particular to one breed, just about all manufactured by the same organization (Mars Petcare).

Cat foods have similar issues, though less dramatic…US manufactured Royal Canin Grownup Maine Coon Cat Food and UK produced Royal Canina Adult Maine Coon Pussy-cat Food

Is this breed distinct nutrition or is it all breed specific promotion?


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