If you provide your pet food (not feast), which is the healthier way to serve it…raw or simply cooked? The answer: this will depend.

For pet owners that want to deliver their pet using the best nutrition – whether they are supplementing a billboard pet food or creating their own pet food in the home – which is the healthiest approach to serve that food? It really is raw or is them cooked?

The USDA gives consumers a great software – the USDA Nutrient Database. Check out ‘Start Your Search Here‘ as well as you’ll find large numbers of food items listed, providing the reader with detailed nutrient written content. As example, under is the nutritional information provided for Grass-fed beef, strip steak…

Download (PDF, 51KB)

Anyone can master how much protein, body fat, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and on in addition, on that is typical to get 100 grams (have the option to set your own chunk size) of almost almost any food. The Usda database provides prepared and raw fertilizing information too – and also some canned solutions. As example, listed below is just a few of the vitamins for cooked, unprocessed, and canned chicken…

You is able to see that some nutrition decrease when made, some increase.

Now let’vertisements look at beef (it is factory farmed feed-fed meat)…

With chicken the ‘complete fat’ increased dramatically while cooked, with various meats it stays the same.

How about vegetables? Broccoli…

With broccoli, Vitamin C content comes more than half when the spinach is cooked, nevertheless Vitamin A increases nearly half when the broccoli will be cooked.


With kale, calcium content drops by two when cooked yet Vitamin A raises simply by about 1/3 when cooked.

So…the nutrient content material of foods does change when cooked properly – BUT, it depends about the food and the unique nutrient as to what this change is. From time to time cooking increases any nutrient, sometimes it decreases. But every consumer has – at their convenience – the ability to look which information up. To create an informed decision with regards to cook the food or leave it raw.

With fresh vegetables for your pet – should you feed them organic, they need to be ground perfectly. Dogs cannot breakdown and utilize full raw vegetables. Place the raw vegetables/fruits in a blender (wash thoroughly), work – and then add to your pet’utes food.

The nutritional subject material between organic fruits/vegetables as well as standard fruits/vegetables is total very similar. The difference even so is the other things that your particular pet is enjoying with standard fruits/vegetables including pesticides. Similar nutrient content cannot be reported for (example) grass-fed ground beef and factory farmed feed-fed beef (and nourish that contains rendered lost including chicken stools)…

The USDA Nutrient Repository tells us that factory captive-raised feed-fed beef contains 6 times the fat when grass-fed beef.

With meat for your pet – as best you can afford, give to them ‘as Mother Nature intended’ raised on meat (grass raised on beef, pasture grown chicken & turkey, and many others.).

Even if you add 1/3 of their total diet with pure fruits and vegetables (dogs) and also Mother Nature intended provided with beef or hen – the nutrition these ingredients provide your dog are well worth the expenditure. Raw or worked is up to you.


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