Purina’s FortiFlora C a dog and pussy-cat probiotic sold by many investigates C contains the questionable additive Animal Digest. Purina clarifies that Animal Break up is a “source of high-quality protein”, however FDA linked a ingredient to “euthanized animals”.

FortiFlora C the Purina Pet Food veterinary product or service C is sold and encouraged by many veterinarians. Any Purina website states FortiFlora “is a probiotic supplement for dogs, which could promote intestinal in addition to immune health and balance.” The first ingredient of FortiFlora is “animal digest”. The same solution – FortiFlora for cats contains the same first ingredient, dog digest.

Purina’s website, beneath the “Nutrition Myth or Fact” over the top advertised on the FortiFlora internet page, states Animal Breakdown is a misunderstood element. Purina states Animal Absorb is made with “animal protein such as muscle and soft tissue supplied by USDA-inspected conveniences.” And “Animal digest is rather palatable and is an excellent source of high-quality protein.”

A pet food factor fact: The legalised definition of Animal Break up does not require the ingredient being sourced from a killed animal. Without this condition in the legal purpose of the pet food/treat/supplement ingredient, Bestial Digest can be sourced from animals which may have died in the field or a euthanized pet. Without this requirement, Puppy Digest can be considered a strong illegal/adulterated ingredient per federal regulation and state law (in 14 states). Purina states this specific ingredient is made from protein “supplied by USDA-inspected facilities”, but Purina doesn’t state the ‘puppy protein’ itself is USDA-inspected. Rendering facilities that process deceased livestock or euthanized animals are “USDA-inspected facilities”. Nonetheless pet food/pet supplement individuals really need information if ever the ingredient itself – youngster protein used to makes ingredient – was/is USDA looked over (something that consumers are definitely not told).

Another pet food ingredient fact: In 2002, an FDA exploration found many typically sold pet ingredients in the US contained a drug used to euthanize animals; pentobarbital. This specific FDA report (second page, Appendix) explained “There appear to be associations concerning rendered or hydrolyzed elements and the presence of pentobarbital within dog food. The ingredients Steak and Bone Meal, Beef and Cuboid bone Meal, Animal Body fat, and Animal Break down are rendered or even hydrolyzed from animal sources that could include put down animals.”

If your veterinarian sells this product, a veterinarian needs to ask Purina pertaining to verification that their (Purina’ersus) source of Animal Breakdown is from slaughtered critters (sourced from “USDA-inspected facilities” just isn’t sufficient, the material per se should be sourced out of USDA-inspected and approved creature tissues). Without this verification, your vet could be promoting an adulterated product that (per the FDA) is associated to euthanized animals.


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