In a daydreaming minute, I thought of a great response to someone who recommends a feed grade factor pet food…‘You first, you take in it’. I wonder how many might eat the feed?

Imagine going to a Big Box Pet Food Store, and a sales rep of Big Pet Food is definitely giving? you the frequency to their food. At the time, you pull some sort of can opener through your pocket…open up a yummy can of Marauded Mystery Meat Stew…pull out a plastic tea spoon and serve up a huge glop of stew to the sales representative and say… ‘You first, you consume it’.

Would they do it? Would they eat the Mystery Animal products Stew?

What if you added…‘I’ll invest in this food if you consume it first’. Wonder if that would be enough motivation to use a big bite regarding Chopped Mystery Meats Stew?

What if your good intentioned yet nutritionally challenged veterinarian advisable you feed your dog the standard feed standard prescription pet food. I’m wondering what would happen if you ever opened the bag of kibble immediately and said…‘You first, you take in it’. Would the animal medical practitioner chow down?

Many smaller food grade pet food manufacturers taste test each of their ingredients – one has eaten just their own pet food for just a month (the owners) – its keep has been one 3rd party pet store owner that consumed nothing but dog food from her retail store for a month. I’m wondering if any of the business owners from Big Pet Food would take this specific same challenge? Are they going to dine on their own Thriller Meat Stew for a 30 days? Serve it for their children?

For us that may only give our pets food (not necessarily feed), this would be a fair and fair query to ask. ‘You first’ might be more than fair. But unfortunately, for those that haven’t found out that most ‘pet food’ isn’capital t really food or even for those that make a living in the most profitable recycle program in the world (pet feed) – they will believe we’ve lost our mind if we suggest with them ‘you first’.

We know we haven’t lost the brain. It’s not ridiculous to care as much as carry out about our fuzzy family’s food. The better we learned about the medical perks of level of quality human food – the natural transition is to find our about the health perks for quality food for that pets.

If anyone offers the opportunity to suggest ‘People first’ – please share what happened with us. If you get your ‘No’ – please ask them the reason. We’d love to discover the responses.


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