Flood damaged crops? Offer it to pet food.

As there is on the news, Louisiana is usually suffering from damaging deluges. The August surges not only left locals homeless, the floods damaged crops. With DeltaFarmPress.com “About 75 percent of our rice is found in southwest Louisiana,” says Dustin Harrell, LSU AgCenter rice professional. “A lot of the area obtained 18 to Per day C even more than All day and C inches of bad weather. That caused many flooding, including almond fields. Water via many of the initial rainfall actually did learn to recede before backwater flooding moved in from bayous, streams and estuaries and rivers.”

Of concern to dog food consumers (bold added in): “Water that goes over the went rice, or grain that lodges as well as lays over in water, can definitely cause financial damage. If it’s adult, it won’t take long to the grain in the brains to sprout. Whether or not this drains early enough, the almond can still be harvested although the quality will suffer. There is a market for at least some of that type of almond C things like pet food. Grain that’s submerged on an extended period will decompose, become rancid.”

Pet food is a certified Unofficial Dumping Ground for all issues waste. ‘Official’ because of phrases like the above as well as FDA Compliance Guidelines; regulatory authorities publicly allow waste for being dumped into canine. ‘Unofficial’ because pet food rrndividuals are NEVER warned.

The Food and drug administration and each State Team of Agriculture honestly allows waste…garbage…trash to generally be dumped into dog food and each allow this specific garbage to be termed ‘food’. No consumer can be ever warned. Unintentionally consumers are spending thousands of dollars for bad dog food; waste pet food.

The FDA said their accurate feelings in a conference earlier this year. “You want 3+ mil pounds of creature products to be landfilled?” You can replace the words ‘puppy products’ with just about anything; in this case ‘You want 3+ billion dollars pounds of flooding damaged rice to generally be landfilled?’

Pet food should NOT be the state run Unofficial Dumping Ground for all points waste.

Pet food ought not to be called food if it will not meet food law. Waste ingredient, flood ruined rice pet food just isn’t food.

It’s criminal.


My thanks to one of you excellent readers out there pertaining to sending me this DeltaFarmPress.com article.