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How often will you say your dog’s label only to have him completely disregard you?

Frustrating, right?

Makes people wonder sometimes if the dog even knows his personal name.

That’s why?I have to go over some basic just what it how we can get some of our dogs to look with us when we say their particular names.

Does your dog already look at you every time you mention his name? Discuss your tips inside the comments to help average folks out.

I’m sharing the tips below.

Three straightforward goals to help?the dog pay attention

1. Use treasured treats!

You want your doggie to pay attention? Use a reward that’s TASTY and fascinating. Mix it up every now and then!

I?recommend the new treats called Hundur’s Crunch from Plato Pet Doggie snacks because they’re made with legitimate fish and pets find them motivating.

I’m not saying you need to?treat your puppy every single time he is doing something right, but using highly valued gains is oh so important when we want our pet dogs to pay attention.

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2.?Our?dogs’ names must equal something constructive.

Such a simple concept, but easily forgotten.

Our dogs’ companies should not be associated with punition, punishments or undertaking something the dog would not like (nail trims, anyone?).

[quote_center]Our dogs’ names really should not be associated with corrections, penalties or doing something the dog doesn’t including.[/quote_center]

You know, like if your dog’s barking down the fence, and you scream, “BUFORD! NO!”

Or when you fortunately call your dog