This post will go above some simple ways to Stop your dog or dog from developing hostility around food before there’s a problem.

I won’t be able to speak for everyone, however, these are the tips I have tried and intend to use again along with future pups.

Some of folks are lucky to acquire dogs that don’t mind if you reach with their mouths and take away its bone or whatsoever. That’s great! The next can still be used to keep reinforcing that great behavior.

If you have certain techniques to share, please give them in the reviews.

Tips for preventing a puppy dog from guarding food

1. Hands feed your puppy.

Do that for at least part of every meal. Calmly praise her own for taking the food gently. Ask her to stay or lie down to begin with. Say her term and praise her own for how good jane is.

2. Gently put your fingers in your puppy’s container while she’s eating.

Obviously, I’m assuming you know your puppy and what the girl with comfortable with at this point. Remember, even an 8-week-old pup can already be foodstuff aggressive, so really don’t go sticking a hand in her bowl “because Of which Mutt said so” unless you know it’s OK.

I do that by sitting next to the dog while she’s enjoying and dropping bits of meat (like true chicken) into the girl bowl. Then I am going to pet her and present her more beef and even put me in the bowl and also move the food all over.

If your puppy is good by using hand feeding, in that case she’s probably not visiting have an issue with you sitting by the woman bowl or reaching the food.

3. Take toys and games and bones aside in exchange for something much better.

When your puppy has a doll or bone, get it away and give the woman’s a piece of meat without delay (like ham, chicken breast or beef) and then give the toy or even bone right back. Instruct her good things occur when you take the girl bone away!

4. Carefully encourage all of the above with many other family members.

All adults plus older kids in your family members should practice the above tips