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This post is actually written to help you assess if a wireless, electronic barrier system such as the Motorola WirelessFence25 is?right for the dog.

I know some people acquire a little nervous when they hear about electronic training collars, but the vibration using this collar literally sounds like a vibrating cell phone.

My own personal Lab mix?Star was trained by using an electronic fence procedure, which?allowed them?to experience off-leash freedom within my parents’ large yard.?We’ve so many good experiences of my doggy hanging out with us inside the yard during campfires, sitting down by the lake, etcetera.

An?added benefit of the Moto system is?its flexibility. You can pack this into a small instance and take it camping, to a relative’s house, or anything else.

I wanted to cover?many pros and cons of the Motorola wireless fence based upon my experience.?Should you have any?training and also product questions, merely leave them while in the comments and Let me get them answered.

Overview of?the Motorola WirelessFence25

The Motorola WirelessFence25 is a wireless puppy fence you can use fitness center for traveling. It was put together by?Binatone Global, the licensing partner of Motorola?house and pet monitoring systems.

The WirelessFence25 creates a circular containment area that is weather resistant and works indoors or outdoors.?It is portable and can be useful for camping, visiting the beach, etc.

It’s on Amazon for $299 along with free shipping. Click here.

Some most important?features include:

  • No cable connections to bury.
  • The platform and collar come with re-chargeable batteries.
  • A tone-only mode and also 15 levels of “static correction.”
  • The system is meant for vacationing and can be packed in a small travel case.
  • Comes together with 50 flags to mark boundaries all through training.
  • Comes with a detailed, step-by-step training guide.
  • Gives a warning tone a few ft before the actual border.

Consider a wireless fence to your pup if:

1. You are unable to put up?a physical fence due to?cost, Home owner association rules, living regarding lakefront property, etc.

2. You need?added protection and also hardwearing . dog away from some sort of road.

3.?You need to?keep your dog out of?a certain space such as a pool area, any driveway, or to reduce digging in a flower bed.

4.?You need a safe method to?confine your dog once you take her?to be able to?a friend or relative’s household or to a store or the beach.

5. You would like to use it to?”fence in” an inferior area within a natural fence such as a garden or a larger space beyond a physical fences.

Let me know of various other good?reasons We’ve missed in the thoughts section.

Here are some of the?thoughts on the Talkabout WirelessFence25

What I like about it

  • It’s?your well-made product at a great value ($279). You definitely don’t want to opt for a cheaper product that will “save money.” Most people bought a much cheaper process from another company years ago, and it has been worthless.
  • I love what sort of user guide shows dog owners how to securely teach their puppies the boundaries over a few weeks, keeping your new puppy on a leash initially and using praise together with food as rewards. It’s all about the positive-reinforcement v .. the corrections.
  • The?forewarning tone starts a?few feet with the boundary you set, to offer adequate notice.

What I can’t like

  • The actual electronic item of the collar could be a little?large for a lot of smaller dogs, nonetheless it can be used?on pups 20 pounds and up. You can see, it works just great for my 70-pounder.
  • The collar calls for re-charging, which can be inconvenient from time to time.?If your?dog sports the collar with regard to much of the day, it will need to be re-charged every Two days or so. If you exclusively use it here and there, it lasts longer.
  • The greatest distance between the limit zone and the?body base is 150 paws, so keep that in mind.

Here’s what the base looks like. What’s more, it comes with a ground risk, which you’ll see some of the other images.

How easy is it to put together?

The Motorola WirelessFence25 is easy make use of once you get the hang of it all. Just make sure to carefully stick to the user guide and provides yourself some time?for that first setup as well as get?used to the unit.?The high-pitched beeps through setup might?trouble some?dogs, do it’s best to have your dog indoors during that period.

Setting the actual boundaries requires walking along the edge with the?collar and also marking the?edge?with actual?banners.

Do the corrections injured?

Absolutely?not. I tried a collar on my own self first. That was any sight!

I set?it all on level Three or more first and then within the highest level, 20. I held a prongs right to the skin on my own wrist. The “pings” ended up being?just?like?holding the?vibrating cell phone so that you can?my wrist. It does definitely not hurt.?Potentially?a bit startling at first.

I trained Top on an older?procedure for keeping him during my parents’ yard, and the Motorola system is very related with the added accessibility of taking it along with you to the park, on vacation, to Grandma’s household, etc.

Some basic?tips

Motorola’s tutorial goes over the training steps in detail, and the firm’s suggestions are similar to?a few things i did when coaching Ace.

A couple of suggestions:

  • Play with your dog during the yard first, and walk him for the boundary on a leash because wears the receiver collar set to warning tone only. Once you hear a bad, happily say “Return!” and reward the dog for following anyone. “Good boy! Yaaay!”
  • Introduce a decreased level of correction upon day 2 or 3. Carry out the same as above, however allow your dog to create a slight correction therefore he understands one thing follows the alert beep.
  • On day 5 perhaps,?allow your dog a lot more freedom on a prolonged leash and start introducing several mild distractions. In the event that he?crosses the particular boundary, let him the most recent correction and then right away retreat inside the perimeter and praise your pet.

Dogs catch on really quickly, yet it’s important to take it slowly plus go through all the instruction steps.

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Ordering information

The Motorola WirelessFence25 is available on Amazon for $279 with free shipping. You can buy one using my own affiliate link in this article.

If you have any questions about precisely how the product works or maybe how the training succeeds, leave them inside comments and We’ll get them answered.

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