What was first assumed just as one AAFCO oversight, now looks like it’s nothing close to oversight. A pet food additive – sourced from a horrible animal practice – is certainly allowed and secret from consumers because of regulations from AAFCO. Needs to be – this post is not to the faint of heart, it contains a number of haunting information.

At least this past year, I brought to the interest of the American Relationship of Feed Handle Officials (AAFCO) that canine meat ingredient meanings are not consistent; quite a few include the requirement of any slaughtered animal – people do not. The model ‘meat’ such as beef is essential within the legal characterization to be sourced from a slaughtered animal. Nonetheless ‘chicken’ is NOT required to be procured from a slaughtered puppy. I was told by AAFCO the corporation would update these kinds of ingredient definitions. Yet a year later, nothing ingredient definition has evolved, and I’ve have a good guess exactly why.

Thanks to a tip, I really put two and a couple together. There is a incredibly suspicious reason that explain why the pet food ingredient ‘chicken’ is not required to be taken from a slaughtered dog. That reason may be the common practice for culling baby male poultry and spent level hens by a macerator. You’ll find birds ground alive (they aren’t slaughtered). As explained to me, the end product is available to pet food as ‘chicken’ and/or ‘chicken meal’.

Public record on this horrific practice had been easily found. Discovery.com spelled out the practice known as chick culling. “Sometimes the simple truth is something that makes an individual’s jaw drop plus stuns you into quit, which is quickly followed by outrage. Everyone who actually eats eggs should know about this and watch this specific video (also listed below). It’s not bloody and also gory, but shows lots of very adorable wooly chicks dropping right machine that the narrator clearly shows grinds them right up alive.” This post states that an estimated “180 million male the baby birds per year” are flooring alive.

The Animal Welfare Foundation Canada has published an investigation on “The Convenience of Spent Lying down Hens”. This document describes the accepted strategies for slaughter for spent installing hens, but clarifies “The disposal with spent laying birds raises issues that don’t neatly fit into this list of accepted technique of slaughter.” One of the methods this particular document states is employed to kill used birds is “Macerator“. Quoting: “A macerator for use on-farm is developed by Oleet Processors with Regina, Saskatchewan. Their unit ‘vacuums’ wildlife down a 20 foot long hose, to a grinder this kills the chickens upon impact with its blades. While the program shows potential, many questions remain to be solved regarding its humaneness.”

Putting a couple of and two together, I now believe AAFCO intentionally overlooked the requirement of slaughter from the pet food ingredients chicken together with chicken meal (fowl and poultry meals). If the requirement of procured from a slaughtered pet was added to the actual legal definition of chicken/poultry – puppy foods would lawfully not be allowed to apply non-slaughtered poultry (ground full of life).

[one_half]Pet Food Ingredient[/one_half][one_half_last]Legal Requirement[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Chicken/Poultry[/one_half][one_half_last]NOT Required to end up being sourced from a killed animal[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Chicken Meal/Poultry Meal[/one_half][one_half_last]NOT Required to be procured from a slaughtered animal[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Chicken By-Product Meal/Poultry By-Product Meal[/one_half][one_half_last]Required being sourced from a killed animal[/one_half_last]


Unlike the ingredient fowl or chicken dinner, chicken by-product meal description is required to be sourced via slaughtered animals. By-products are usually leftover pieces of hen not typically absorbed in human meal. The ONLY source for such pieces is from slaughter features. So – regulations require ‘sourced from killed animals’ in the legal concise explanation of the ingredient chicken by-product meal.

How very practical that ingredient updates are so skillfully designed.

The following letter appeared to be sent to AAFCO (AAFCO President and the co-directors of the Pet Food Panel)…

Over the last several days because of inside information presented to me, I believe I’ve put two as well as together as to why AAFCO factor definitions are what I once believed to be unpredictable. If you recall, I really brought to AAFCO’s consideration more than a year ago that will meat ingredients ended up being inconsistent with their necessity for being sourced at a slaughtered animal. Several ingredient definitions needed ‘slaughter’, others did not.

Information offered to me was regarding the source of chicken/poultry in dog food. I learned that culled girls and culled spent resting hens are ground alive (macerator) – and this result is sold to commercial dog food as ingredients ‘chicken’ together with ‘chicken meal’. Fitting completely into this horrible practice, is AAFCO compound definitions. Both the ingredients ‘Poultry’? and ‘Poultry Meal’ don’t hold the requirement of currently being sourced from a killed animal. The very same ingredients I brought to your current attention more than a year past for their inconsistent descriptions, happen to provide business a regulatory open up door to sell flooring alive birds when common pet food elements – without disclosing true source of chicken into the consumer.

I now feel that what I gave AAFCO the advantage of the doubt at as being inconsistent component definitions – just a effortless error – was not one after all. I wonder so why AAFCO? wasn’t upfront to me more than a year ago? Some time past, the simple AAFCO response might have been ‘The meat substances that do not include the element slaughter can include culled birds or perhaps animals that have past away other than by slaughter’. Yet by your response that these ingredient definitions is going to be corrected, and then not corrected – it will cause me to issue who AAFCO is preserving?

I have an on-going concern this AAFCO is too tightly linked with industry. At my initially AAFCO meeting, the open conversation was what to identity an ingredient that was made up of expired grocery food products – the example mentioned was expired Very hot Pockets. The AAFCO fellow member publicly stated “we should name it an item the consumer will buy”. It’s understood as to why market would want to keep secrets from consumers – Earth Alive Chicken Pet Food wouldn’t sell perfectly. It is not understood factors AAFCO would assist business in hiding these kinds of secrets. Ingredient upgrades should be clear and gives consumers with whole disclosure to the source of which ingredient (sourced by slaughtered animals or simply ground alive creatures or expired Hot Pockets).

Pet food shoppers deserve to know what they can be feeding their furry friend. If the chicken is definitely sourced from culled day old baby the baby birds or spent lying down hens ground in existence, consumers deserve to find out. I ask that AAFCO stop aiding field in hiding any secrets of pet food/animal supply. I ask that will AAFCO develop regulations that need the truth to be explained to to consumers about pet food labels. I don’t expect or even am I asking AAFCO helping put themselves into a placement of judgment (for example: is this a humanely acquired ingredient?, is this substance ethical?). I am asking AAFCO to require ingredient locating disclosure to the public (killed animals or earth alive animals). Allow the public the opportunity to assess for themselves what source of chicken pet food they furnish to their pet.

Susan Thixton
Comprising Pet Food Consumer Individuals Association for Truth of the matter in Pet Food

And since FDA recently announced they will begin to dominate the role of animal food/feed ingredient definitions (out of AAFCO), the following letter has been sent to FDA…

It has been given our attention that it’s common practice while in the pet food industry to utilize ingredients sourced coming from culled baby chicks plus spent laying chickens by means of a macerator; the wildlife are ground lively. The end product is available to pet food seeing that ‘chicken’ or ‘chicken meal’ without the need of disclosure to the consumer.

Currently the particular AAFCO established definition of poultry/chicken doesn’t involve the ingredient to become sourced from a slaughtered animal. This is within direct contrast on the AAFCO established definition of different meat ingredients – that include within the factor definition the requirement of sourced from a slaughtered canine. We can only consider this omission of the requirement of ‘sourced from a slaughtered animal’ to be regulatory permission to utilize culled birds flooring alive sold as being the pet food ingredient ‘chicken’.

As Fda standards just announced “a strategy to establish ingredient updates and standards regarding animal food as a way to increase transparency”, ATPF asks Fda standards to include the transparency of source of substances (sourced from killed animals or culled dogs ground alive) in ingredient definitions. Canine consumers deserve to realize this information when making their pet food purchases.

ATPF in addition asks FDA to the ingredient definition transparency to include the quality of each and every ingredient; which substances are true foodstuff ingredients meeting just about all requirements of nutrition law and which will ingredients are considered give food to (not meeting the requirements of food law).

We expect the FDA is definitely sincere in their record wishing to increase visibility within the pet food/animal feed industry. Consumers have waited a long time intended for transparency, it will be a new welcome change.

Susan Thixton
Which represent Pet Food Consumer Folks Association for Simple fact in Pet Food

For everyone, it has always been this kind of struggle to consider the slaughter of any animal. I have go through far too many documents around the process, the reminiscence of those words is mainly responsible for me lots of displaced sleep. While the slaughter of an animal is awful to consider, the macerator means of grinding an animal alive is something completely unacceptable. Add with this, your pet food industry disappearing this dirty minimal secret – keeping that truth from customers on pet food brands – unacceptable has relocated to a whole new level.

Call your furry friend food manufacturer and request for their assurance that meat is sourced from a USDA checked and approved slaughtered animal. Will every pet food admit for you to sourcing ground full of life chicken? It is dubious. Which is all the more reason why we must have restrictions that require this disclosure to help consumers.


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