Do you use “drop” to get your dog to drop something he has in his mouth?

And does he listen?

It’s one of the most important words to teach a?dog but often overlooked.

“Drop” can prevent your dog?out of?eating something threatening and?can even save you his?life.

It’s?fashionable helpful?way to connect when you want your dog?to shed a toy or perhaps rawhide without getting bit and without pursuing him (we’ve all played that game!).

Finally, teaching a puppy to drop?–?and that nutrients happen when he does indeed –?is a good way to avoid possessiveness of toys and bones. It’s not essentially going to eliminate the dilemma completely, but it’s some sort of start.

A couple illustrations where “drop” can come in practical:


  • Telling your dog to drop your cooked chicken bone or other garbage.
  • Asking him to drop a rawhide or perhaps toy.
  • Telling him to go a dead snake they found in the yard.


Let my family know in the responses some examples of when you have had to use the “drop” command.

Unlike the obvious commands similar to sit and come, “drop” is?something?new puppy owners may not even think in relation to teaching. “Leave it” is another good one to teach.

Simple actions – how to teach 14 to drop

When teaching a dog to drop,?what you need to fully understand is this:

1.?Hold highly valued food items and tell your puppy to “drop” a boring product?like a toy. And then, immediately reward him or her with the food.

2. An alternative is not to say nearly anything. Instead, wait for your canine friend to drop the?product on his own. Then, mention “yes!” and pay back?with the?food.

The pet dog eventually thinks, “Wow, positive things happen when I shed this toy.In . After several reps,?start adding this verbal cue “drop.”

Other approaches for teaching drop

1. Make “drop” ridiculously straightforward.

The dog?should be?controlling a boring toy as well as reward should be higher.?

[quote_right]The dog?should be?controlling a boring toy and the reward should be substantial.[/quote_right]Eventually, you can challenge your ex to drop slightly more “valuable” goods. After that, work on asking him to drop “ultimate” weapons like rawhides. Or dead squirrels? ??

With time, you can weed out a reward about half any time. That way he’ll nonetheless?be?eager to lower on cue pending a reward.

2 Practice within controlled scenarios.

You do not want to practice drop?once your dog has gripped a cookie away from the counter and there’s no way in hell he’ll drop it.

Instead, training when you?can keep going and make sure your dog actually does drop the item.?Doing this he learns it is best to listen to you. He or she gets a reward, and his response becomes virtually automatic.

What if our dog won’t fall the item?

This can be so annoying!

If your dog refuses to decrease the item or if he’s showing aggression, make use of best judgement along with do be careful. I’ve written a post on possessiveness here.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Find a better foods reward.

Try real chicken breast, bacon, hot dogs or beef jerky.

You also may need more?practice getting your dog to drop “boring” toys and items before you proceed to higher-valued items.

2. Give the first item right back.

Another trick you can use is to provide the original item back as the reward with regard to “drop.”

Some dogs know you’re going to take away which will prized item (and in some cases you have to), so they hang onto it with all the might.

[quote_center]Another trick you may use is to give the genuine item right back …[/quote_center]

If it is actually safe to let your pet keep whatever he’s, by all means, use which will as the reward! “Excellent boy!”

For my pet dog, the best reward is actually throwing the basketball he just fallen. No food compensate necessary for my?Finding Nut! He will lower absolutely anything when it means I’ll toss the ball. Oh, Ace. You’re so easy sometimes.???

You know your canine best. Get inventive and use?what works.

What techniques or tips have you ever used for teaching your dog to Drop on control?

Another good one to teach can be “leave it” which I wrote regarding here.

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