A semi-truck carrying “chopped deceased fish” meant for cat meal overturned in Washington think. The picture posted speaks to the many truths for pet food.

This fishy car accident happened in 2016 – although the image still talks volumes about commercial dog food. From Seattlepi.com…

Notice – this trlr, hauling this huge load of scrap parts of fish – is not refrigerated. Canine (excuse me…pet give food to) regulations do not require recycleables to be transported or perhaps warehoused under refrigeration or icy. In other words – pet nourish ingredients such as meat or fish – may very well be spoiling/rotting for days before it will become a pet food (nourish).

Below is a video brought to life by Discovery/Science Channel’s How It’ersus Made. This instance is how kibble is created.

This video is an appealing look into how cereal is manufactured (notice the messy equipment). At about Thirty-eight seconds into the online video media, you’ll see this photo below…

This is meat dinner. This brown powder being added within the pet food is the ‘meat’ method to obtain the pet food.

Here is actually a picture (provided to everyone by a pet food processing employee) of animal meat meal being unloaded at the pet food plant.


If dog food consumers were told the reality on the labels connected with pet food, this would be the appearance of most pet foodstuff on store shelves…

But…of course we all can guess…the above tags probably wouldn’t market much pet food would it not?

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