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What is the Doggie Don’t system?

Doggie Don’t is a new product which is designed to stop unwanted doggy behaviors such as woofing, jumping or counter-surfing.

The Dog Don’t is a z22 device that makes an embarrassing sound at the drive of a button. The good is audible that will both dogs and other people (it sounds like excessive static) and is built to interrupt the behavior without triggering harm. The owner will then praise the dog.

You discover, dog owners are often required to ignore unwanted behaviors and to reward excellent behavior. However, neglecting a dog?doesn’t often work!

The Doggie Really don’t is an effective way to break up the unwanted habits so you can praise your dog!

Doggie Tend not to Review

The bottom line:

The Doggie Don’t is very effective at stifling unwanted dog actions such as jumping or simply barking. I use it with my pup Remy when he keeps moving while I’m landing on the couch or maybe at our veranda table. It’s sufficient to interrupt the behavior so we could reward him pertaining to sitting or standing upright. He knows not to leap when the product is around the corner.

The Doggie Don’t is made by dog partner Sarah Beck because she said her a couple schnauzers were so challenging out in public. They used to lunge, “screech” and start barking when they saw many other dogs.

“Not only maybe it was embarrassing, I was reluctant that another canine would attack these individuals,” Beck said.

She started walking with a stun rifle so she could possibly protect her canines if another pet ever did invasion, she said. 1 day when they were in a very frenzy, she chose to click the stun gun whilst saying “no barking,In and it worked!

“I started off using it every time they would certainly go into the barking craze,” she claimed. “It would make a excessive noise and they in fact listened to me.”

[quote_center]”It tends to make a loud music and they actually listened to me.”[/quote_center]

She wasn’t hurting her dogs. Your woman was just using the tone to divert their attention.

This is what stimulated Beck to create the Kitty Don’t device and so other dog lovers may device that would result in the sound of a stun gun with no ability to shock anyone or dog.

What could be the cost?

The cost of the Doggie Don’t is usually $49.97. You can order in Amazon HERE.

Checkout is with PayPal or visa or mastercard.

What’s unique about the product?

The Doggie Don’t constitutes a unique sound I had never heard for some other pet products.

I could compare it to the loud, static on the TV. Annoying, perfect? It gets the attention, which is the objective here.

How to use a Doggie Don’t

First, give your pet a chance to respond to your own command such as “off” or maybe “quiet.” Praise your canine if he learns your command.

If he doesn’t follow ones command, use the Kitty Don’t one time to interrupt the behaviour. Then, praise them for being quiet and for keeping his nails on the ground or regardless of what you’re working on.

Pros in the Doggie Don’t:


  • Can be employed to stop dog conduct such as jumping right up, barking or counter-surfing, and it is very effective.
  • It’s small enough and light-weight enough to easily have.
  • The Doggie Don’t can be used for safety motives such as if you need to surprise a dog who’s asking for you on a walk or you need to break up this will be significant fight.
  • The (non-rechargeable) lithium battery need to last for about Five-hundred uses. This should previous most people several months looking at it’s designed to supply sparingly and you’ll want to use it less and less because your dog learns.
  • It’s web site a shock collar, spray bottle or a-tremble a can involving coins.
  • It allows you to remain calm and positive. The correction/interrupter comes from this device. Your voice is used for praise.




  • The racket is loud in addition to does hurt my own ears a bit. My spouse and i imagine it’s more serious for pets.
  • The sound will annoy all of your pets that are in your area, not just the “problem child.”
  • You can’t adjust this sound’s volume/intensity, and it’s likely far too loud for a few susceptible dogs. However, it is additionally good to have a consistent tone.
  • You’ll need to replace the electric at some point but they ought to last several months.
  • Dog entrepreneurs should be very careful around using this product if your dog is answering out of fear or maybe the dog is performing aggressive. You need to know your very own dog and to realise why he’s acting the way he is.


Would I buy this system?

No. While I love the product and it’s really nice to have for my puppy Remy, I really don’t think I would commit $50 to order one right now. My pets’ “bad” behaviors aren’t such a problem the place I feel I would should order a Cat Don’t.

That being proclaimed, $50 is nothing compared to working with a dog trainer as well as it well worth the investment if it gets a behavior in hand, allows your dog much more freedom or retains others safe.

Would I would recommend the product to others?

Yes, I would recommend the Doggie Really don’t to anyone who is definitely dealing with a problem tendencies such as jumping, snarling, counter-surfing, etc.

Dog owners will often be instructed to ignore unnecessary behavior and reward good behavior, however ignoring a actions doesn’t always function. The Doggie Usually do not is an effective way to disturb the unwanted tendencies without punishing your dog.