The cool breeze, a snowfall and the non-sunny natural environment definitely opens the particular gateway for various frosty related diseases that the most common are freezing and flu. Almost all of you start having them the moment the winter sets in. In spite of your best care, you can find that cold plus flu leaving you behind weak and sick.

It seems that during winter, ones dogs and cats are safe by flea infestation or any other warm diseases. But, are you certain they are safe. Just absurdity of keeping these drugs at an comfortable access to pets create a great danger to them.

The medications provided to cure human flu and cold are not always safe for your house animals.

With drugs and medications regarding flu treatment inside your home, pet owners need to be a lot careful in keeping all of them out of reach of pets. Due to the fact, just a little carelessness can easily put that substance into your pets nails.

Find here the three extensively human flu together with cold medications harmful to pets


This component is a fever reducer. However given for a fever, it is harmful to equally dogs and cats, but primarily dangerous to wooly felines. Ingestion involving Acetaminophen can lead to liver failing and methemoglobinemia (a blood disorder, which occurs due to the decrease in much-needed fresh air to body flesh). In case ingestion as well as swelling of the nails and face shows the need of emergency veterinary clinic assistance.

Ibuprofen and Naproxen

Both of those ingredients belong to the viewers of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This fabric pose the risk designed for gastrointestinal bleeding or even ulcers. In the worst type of cases, it results into kidney or even liver damage with respect to the heavy dose ingested. Often combined decongestants, NSAIDS will be marketed as frigid and flu as well as sinus versions of any product.

Phenylephrine and Pseudoephedrine

When dogs and cats are suffering from decongestants, mostly they may be products of Phenylephrine in addition to Pseudoephedrine. Sold either being a single active ingredient or maybe in combination with other aspect products, these ingredients may have harmful effects on cats and dogs. In pets, Pseudoephedrine can do causing restlessness, improved heart rate and blood pressure level, muscle tremors, seizures and death in case of heavy dose ingested. Your ingredient in disease products – Phenylephrine is sometimes shortened as “PE” on treatment packaging. So, you’ll need to be careful while paying for them.

To avoid the problems and potential upsetting situations of these flu virus products, it is always good and keep these products away from your questioning pets. If you ever notice that your pooch or perhaps kitty has ingested any drug or simply human medication, immediately seek veterinary aid or call kill control center locally.