A pet food version of a famous Jim Croce melody Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues. Just for fun.

While walking the actual dogs and being attentive to music from Rick Croce, the song Workin’ on the Car Wash Blues commencing playing and my own twisted little head changed the words to be able to Lookin’ for Good Pet Food Blues. I made a go to karaoke the melody, but I can’t play – I REALLY can’t play. So instead of torturing everybody with my vocal singing, I thought it was best to allow you to hear the music for Jim Croce and voice along with my fresh pet food lyrics to the current classic song.

Click utilize the video – and then perform with the new lines below!


Well I had basically went down to the nearby store,
Wanting commercial dog food for the cats and dogs.
Attempted to find ’em some thing safe and healthy
Although no matter how much I shopped
They wouldn’t tune in to the fact that I wanted actual food
The store say it is all complete and balanced food
Now I managed to get them steadily depressin’, information mind messin’
Looking for superior pet food blues.

Well it has to be easy, finding nutritious pet food, for my minimal furry pals
I’m talking about food like what’s on the package
Sayin hey these days pet food where’s that will grilled meat?
In its place, I’m stuck listed here reading these product labels till I’m blind
Consequently confused don’t learn which one to buy
With him or her steadily depressin’, low down intellect messin’
Looking for good dog food blues.

You know the Food and drug administration says its ok
The pet’s food can be created from trash
But before they get the laws straight, I’m still left to worry and wait
If this pet food is safe or its not

Well all I’m able to do is wring my head
That good canine is so hard to find
Understandin’ pet food regulations
Is a job for Exclusive PI
So baby, I’ll keep on trying,
To find a pet food not telling lies, made with real meals that’s healthy to nibble on.

Cause I got them gradually depressin’, low down mind messin’
Searching for good pet food blues.

Yea I got them slowly depressin’, low down mind messin’
On the lookout for good pet food doldrums.



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