all prepped up, because Cyber Monday is almost here! This is actually the day in which you
can buy as numerous products as possible without worrying about groing through your
budget. Cyber Monday is for those techno-savvy consumers who love online
shopping. Besides, for those who have furry pals at home, you need to be more
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How to prepare for Cyber Monday Sale on Pet Supplies –

  • Ensure you have a list ready so
    you do not lose out on any product.
  • Always begin with your go-to
    online stores.
  • Thereafter, compare its prices
    with other companies.
  • Pick the sites where you're
    obtaining the most benefit.
  • Don't spend over your shopping
    limit; we often don't understand just how much we have spent as we're not actually
    supplying the cash. Shopping online might seem super easy, but it also has a tendency to
    cause you to shop more, so always keep a cheque in your spends.

CanadaPetCare is a leading online pet supplies store, offering an enormous range of premium quality pet products at competitive prices. Your pet remedies are sourced from well-known and trusted brands, which offer surety of the product quality. To inspire shopping online, CanadaPetCare has also come up with Cyber Monday sale for our valuable customers. It comes with an exclusive 10% discount on pet products and up to 70% discount on pet supplies! Additionally, we have exciting combo offers on pet products. Below is the peek in our Cyber Monday sale.


Bravecto + Heartgard Plus

When it comes to combo offers, it's always safer to pick the treatments which provide complete defense against parasites. Here, Bravecto Chewables is really a long-lasting flea and tick preventive treatment and Heartgard Plus is really a powerful heartworm preventive which also treats roundworms and hookworms. Don't lose out on this offer and order this combo pack as these two remedies are vet recommended and highly effective on pets.

Nexgard + Nuheart

Nexgard is a highly recommended flea and tick preventative. It is a beef flavored chewable tablet that gives month-long defense against fleas and ticks. On other hand, Nuheart is a superb heartworm preventive. So, don't wait and purchase this combo pack to safeguard your buddy from fleas and ticks and heartworms.


Nexgard Spectra

Buy 3 – Get 1 Free!

Buy 6 – Get 2 Free!

Nexgard Spectra in a broad spectrum parasitic treatment. It kills and controls fleas and ticks, prevents heartworm infection and eliminates intestinal worms for example roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. This beef-flavored chew is extremely effective and protects your dog from parasitic infestation for one full month. Avail this offer to obtain extra doses of Nexgard Spectra for the pet!

Heartgard Plus

Buy 6 – Get 1 Free!

Buy 12 – Get 2 Free!

Heartgard Plus is really a potent strategy to preventing heartworm infection in pets. It's a beef-flavored chew that gives monthly protection from heartworms. In addition, this beef-flavored tablet also treats intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms. Buy this product on Cyber Monday to get the benefit of the offers.

Cyber Monday is the day where one can enhance your inner shopaholic and shop as much as you want without worrying concerning the prices! Besides, this very day only comes once so you gotta take advantage of it till it lasts. Remember, we have a lot many offers on that big day, so be sure to visit CanadaPetCare on this Cyber Monday! So, what are you awaiting? Begin their email list of products you're gonna buy this Cyber Monday!