Halloween is all about fun, treats and most importantly costumes. The festivity is going to be at peak for friends and family but what about pets. Have you thought how pets see things in Halloween and how the fun-filled festival can be frightening for your family pet? Costumed frequent visitors, unhealthy treats, excess of noise and weird activities may cause fear and anxiety inside your pets. Therefore, pet parents need to be meticulous to consider safety measures for their pets during Halloween. Here are the Halloween pet safety tips every pet parent should consider.

  1. Make sure your pets have proper identification so
    if something happens and they're found later, you can be contacted.
  2. Chocolates are toxic for pets so keep chocolates
    from your furry buddies.
  3. Choose an easy-on, easy-off outfit that doesn't
    constrict your dog's neck and head. 
  4. Keep a simple d├ęcor as wiring and extravagant
    decoration could be hazardous for pets.
  5. Ensure to keep your furry kids on the short leash
    and an eye on them.
  6. A lot of strangers milling concerning the
    neighborhood, it is best to keep the buddy indoors.
  7. Keep your pets away from the door as
    frequently visiting people can drive some pets loony.
  8. Weeks ahead of Halloween, practice with your dog
    to create a positive connection to the doorbell. 
  9. If your pet is nervous, or loves to bolt, make
    sure he is secured in a separate room having a favorite toy or treat.
  10. Minimize the noises as exposure to noise can make your
    pets anxious and unhappy.

The previously discussed tips might help most pets. However, if you find your furry pal anxious and frightened by all the sounds and sights then you can use Adaptil Collar for dogs that aids in reducing anxiety helping to manage stress-related behavior in dogs. Moreover, you can use Feliway Spray for any cat which is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety in them. We very well know pet's safety factors are important for every pet parents, therefore, CanadaPetCare provides these products at discounted rates to keep your pet safe and your Halloween spirits higher.