If you have recently adopted a dog from a shelter home or brought home a puppy from street. You have entered into a thrilling phase in your life. The word 'pet parent' has become added to your life. Being a pet parent has its own charm. A new pet helps make the home environment lively and cheerful. The whole family wants to shower his share of affection around the dog. You may be wondering how to create a strong connection with your new pet. Well, it takes time as connections aren't built-in days. However, as time progresses both you and your dog is going to be like best friends.

Surely, there are ways to get closer to your pet. What exactly are they? Check the below ideas to bond together with your new friend.

Follow A Pattern To Greet Your Dog

Pet parenting is all about creating positive impressions within the mind of your pet. Greet him each morning by hugging him in a fixed some time and repeat the same inside a night with a good night hug at a fixed time. Time factor is essential because your dog will associate the respective time slot together with his master's hug.

Go For normal Walks

Schedule regular morning and evening walks with your dog. They are great for the and acts as a medium to understand your pet better.

Spend Quality Time with Your New Pet

The more spent time with your pet, the greater both of you get closer to one another. Time spend helps your dog to develop in a healthy adult. This reduces the likelihood of behavioral problems that most dogs may face due to lack of reference to people.

When you are looking at creating a strong reference to your dog, be patient at all times. Don't show displeasure at him if you feel that he is not answering your gestures. Remember patience is the key here.

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