This is my?weimaraner puppy’s most annoying addiction, and I’m having trouble altering his behavior (or perhaps my own behavior?). Please help.

When we’re trying to enjoy the couch, Remy?continually bothers us.

He retains a toy in addition to pushes it to the couch or straight into my leg. Your dog bites at the model and ends up gnawing on me. If I seize the toy, he darts away and taunts. If I put the toy away from, he sits at this time there and paws during me. When?I try to pet the pup or hold his particular collar to settle him, he paws along with bites or?rolls onto his back to thrash around. SUPER Infuriating.

The reason this is and so frustrating?is because it is really at the end of the day or maybe on the weekends when we’re also tired and just wanting to relax (God restrict).

We have a small table in front of the couch, so we can’t keep cold drinks on it or Remy?hits them over. He’ll intentionally bump them with his or her nose or clunk into the table with his physique and move the total table.

I could seriously use some ideas on how to persuade Remy to relax with us before bed.

How do I stop our dog from pawing in me?

Here’s what now we have tried with very little success:

1. Ignoring your pet. He keeps advertising online. I don’t see this operating. If we sit up straight, become zombie experienced and truly overlook him, he basically stands there shoving his toy in us and biting down hard us. Our recliner is low i can’t just switch away from him for instance I do when perched at the kitchen table or maybe at my desk.

2. A relaxed, serious NO. Just a little shove or even a little slap over the nose. He believes this is a fun recreation! I end up irritated and he loves the interest. Other types of corrections for instance squirting him with a water bottle or perhaps compressed air? He thinks these are fun games.

3. A combination of overlooked him with a straight-faced, quiet NO. Seems to support slightly when I possess the right, serious energy. He might leave for the minute and come back again.

4. Teaching him to help lie down and stay. He or she usually starts knocking around throwing a fit and pawing at my arms and biting everyone. He shreds blankets plus towels (or lumps them) so 14 bed is out of the issue.

5. Using a leash and keep him in a down/stay inside feet.?He won’t stop thrashing as well as biting. I used to tether your pet to a set of weight lifting, but he chewed via two leather leads. We bought a archipelago leash and he started off chewing whatever he could be tethered to. I really worry he’ll damage his teeth.

6. Tedious him out. It simply doesn’t happen. I find myself like I’m doing my part to give exercise and exercises for him during the day. I’ve walked your pet 5 miles, consumed him to a puppy friendly brewery, worked on techniques and obedience and visited the dog recreation area all in one day and that he still wasn’t worn out. (And we shoot for 4-5 mls every day, not occasionally.)

Now here are several things that do work:

Kong toy characters. If I stuff some sort of Kong with some dry pet food and biscuits after which peanut butter and freeze that solid, that will past him a good 30 minutes. He will lie down together with work on that. Bully sticks also work.

Working with “go to your bed”?with snacks. He will lie down and turn into if he knows We’ve treats. I started working with “go to your bed” and he goes to his damaged up towel (it’s just a sad towel) We set out about four ft . away from the couch. He’s going to lie on it in addition to stare at people if I’m keeping treats. Then I pitch him a treat each and every 30?seconds approximately. He’ll stay there as long as I have treats. And so we’ve done regarding 15 minutes of this so far.

Let me know what you think in this plan:

I’m thinking my favorite bet is to proceed practicing the “go towards your bed” with treats in abbreviation sessions throughout the day.?Therefore, when we’re seeking to watch TV, I could exercise “go to your bed” with him?for just a few minutes, subsequently give him the Kong to get 30 minutes, then an additional 5 minutes of exercising “go to your bed.” Then crate her if he’s also acting wild subsequently.

What do you think of that?

“Visit your bed” will also come in handy for when we need to get Remy to wind down?in general or once we have people over. This unique?would be way too complicated for him having guests over at which you cannot use, but it would be a long-term goal. See Puppy throughout Training’s post about by using technique to stop this will be significant from jumping on guests?and the reason why it doesn’t happen right away. Training takes TIME.

How maybe you’ve gotten control of a few of your dog’s annoying behaviors?

Do you think I’m on target to helping Remy be successful?

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