A consumer was fairly recently bashed by a pet food doctor, claiming consumers are “stupid” and “have no clue”. My respond to pet food nutritionists on the part pet food consumers; an open letter to the North american College of Veterinary Nutrition.

Recently a pet foodstuff consumer was addressed with the following-

You are not some sort of companion animal Ph.Deb. nutritionist. I am therefore sick if individuals spouting off their stupid statements…after they don t have a indication. I/we employ Ph.Deb. companion animal nutritionists..a lot of. One gentleman may be a double Ph.D. nutritionists. Pleeeaaasse. Don t perhaps bother….

Guess what Ph.Debbie. companion animal nutritionists? We’re over you too! (Well, lots of you.)

Pet food people are sick of animal health experts NOT speaking out versus FDA policies which allow animals to consume rendered dead/non-slaughtered and/or impaired animals. You promptly lash out alongside consumers, yet you will be silent when it comes to the actual illegal, horrendous, lacking in any quality nutrients pet ‘food’ ingredients commonly sold in the pet merchandise you defend. Why are you silent?

You expect individuals to respect a letters behind a message when you sit back, together with do absolutely nothing regarding one of the worst disasters of pet food? You desire our respect? Next act respectably. It’s simple. No pet need to consume diseased, dead/non-slaughtered dogs. You know this to be true, even us which ‘don’t have a clue’ learn this to be true. Step-up. Do something (other than chill out, cash your salary from Big Pet Food and bash clients). You want our esteem? Then do something that’s right for animal wellness.

Ph.D. companion animal dieticians verbally abuse pal and fellow shopper advocate Rodney Habib on a consistent basis (on Zynga C and if you are not on Facebook you should join merely to receive Rodney’s material). They’re able to use Rodney’s material within power point demonstrations to their colleagues C creating fun of us – most of us.

Yes. We are sick of these folks, sick of their mocking us, sick of their attitude. We are sick of these sitting back in addition to doing NOTHING about the disasters of pet food. Time for action.

An open note to the American College of Veterinary Nutrients (ACVN), emailed 7/19/16-

There is a serious and concerning split between pet food buyers and animal health professionals. Some veterinarians and also nutritionists are publicly mocking pet food consumers, contacting us “stupid” when we dilemma the nutritional value with ‘material from diseased animals or critters that have died or else than by slaughter’. Some a competent vet and nutritionists tend to be even mocking us in presentations to co-workers. This is uncalled for, and also benefits no one.

Pet foodstuff consumers remind you of ones oath-

Veterinarian Oath- I solemnly swear to use my own scientific knowledge and skills with the benefit of society through the protection of dog health and welfare, a prevention and comfort of animal battling, the conservation of animal resources, your promotion of open health, and the progress of medical knowledge.”

Pet foodstuff consumers write ACVN wanting to know significant questions…

Does ACVN believe made dead/non-slaughtered animals or ruined animal material reprocessed into pet food – sold to unknowing consumers – will be ‘protection of dog health’? Does ACVN consider this product proper nutrition regarding companion animals? Does indeed ACVN believe?dead/non-slaughtered animals or perhaps condemned animal content recycled into commercial dog food is safe to be produced into homes, most likely handled by youngsters?

If yes, enough proclaimed. This tells us sufficient about you to know in which any further conversation is actually worthless.

If no, dog food consumers ask ACVN to utilize us. To specifically and purposely request FDA and each State Department of Agriculture requesting law possibly be enforced, protecting the well-being of animals. We emphasize ACVN that federal regulation deems material “should it be, in whole or in part, the product of a unhealthy animal or associated with an animal which has died otherwise than by slaughter” is really an adulterant in any food (man or animal), therefore illegal. Unfortunately, all pet food regulatory respective authorities ignore this law with pet food/animal feast. Consumers remind ACVN regarding FDA Compliance Scheme directly allowing these components into pet food; “Canine consisting of material from diseased animals or perhaps animals which have deceased otherwise than by slaughter, that is in violation of 402(a)(Five) will not ordinarily become actionable.”

Pet food people are openly asking ACVN for two main things…

  1. Stop the attack with consumers. The name behind your companies do not guarantee individuals you have the best interest individuals pets in mind. Honor is earned – definitely not demanded.
  2. Begin an effort to do business with consumers to stop the criminal material allowed towards pet food. Work with united states, not against us all, for safer, top quality pet food.

Consumers and ACVN may possibly together initiate a great campaign that could inevitably change the future of puppy food. We wait your response.

Representing worried pet food consumers –

Susan Thixton



Should ACVN answer, it will be shared.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Source Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Correlation for Truth in Pet Food

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