The decades old procedure of ‘re-purposing’ garbage into canine food will soon be accessible for consumer waste! That’s right – your evryday household garbage could soon go to feeding animals. (Indeed, this is my awful attitude talking…having a minimal fun with FDA stupidity.)

Re-purposing is the typical language term used to your recycling of deceased animals, rotting food items, rodent infested foods and more into pet feed/pet food ingredients. They try to make it sound fancy and meaningful; food had a purpose, this spoiled or rotted – but no worries, we could re-purpose it! Food features meaning again.

Now, the ever so popular industrial re-purposing of food spend is available for consumer waste. We don’testosterone want all that rubbish going to landfills do we?


The truth: nasty, horrible, illegal material is getting re-purposed into pet food together with animal feed daily and not one person involving authority is doing anything about it. The Food openly tells business to ignore law and also dump your waste products into animal meals. As example Federal drug administration Compliance Policy 675.200 Diversion of Adulterated Foodstuff to Acceptable Pet Food use allows the re-purposing of “pesticide contaminated” food items, “industrial chemical contaminated” foodstuff, food “contamination through filth” to become animal food/pet foods. And of course the worst type of offenders – the various Food and drug administration Compliance Policies that enable diseased and lifeless animals to be re-purposed within animal food/pet food (CPG 675.Four hundred and 690.300).

None these Compliance Policies are legitimate – none of the pet food items or animal food products that utilize these components are legal. Adulterated meals is still adulterated – even after anyone ‘RePurpose It!’.

On an industrial base, RePurpose It! happens each day with a multitude of nutrition wastes and bestial material wastes. Dog food consumers are never warned if their commercial dog food contains a ‘re-purposed’ ingredient.


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