Just a bit of change in a season and your family dog is suffering from any cough, sneeze, a strong itch or a break outs or sneezing constantly. Unexpected health issue may seem really disturbing, and you ask yourself what has gone inappropriate with your Fido. These symptoms are nothing nonetheless seasonal allergies your dog is struggling with.

To aid you in helping the family pet to face the allergy symptoms and become healthier, here are some questions that may help you uncover your own answer.

These would be the most common questions on in season allergies in dogs that pet parents ask some of our vets during working as a consultant.

Here is an array of questions about seasonal hypersensitivity that dogs have problems with.

What is an allergy?

A state of over-reactivity or allergy or intolerance of the immune system to particular substance called the allergen is termed as an allergy symptom. Proteins are the most frequent allergens that affect house animals.

The protein allergen may arise from any source