Are you spotting the indications of hair loss on your pet’s body? Is he or she showing patchy pores and skin with pigmentation in some places? Is he burning off hair from the the neck and throat, chest, thighs and also top of the tail? If these are the symptoms and then there are chances that your pet has developed hypothyroidism. Of course! This hormonal imbalance is better displayed by baldness from the pet’s body. Your dog will lose coat from specific areas when his thyroid gland does not function correctly.

Thyroid gland situated in the space below the larynx is mainly responsible for maintaining the body’s metabolic processes. Thyroid deficiency triggers low metabolic rates during humans and wildlife. If not treated, hypothyroid imbalance can result in hair loss, weight gain, slower heart rates, serious constipation, ulcers, anemia, blepharitis and more diseases in canines. It normally can affect middle-aged canines of all types. Being an endocrine diseases, hypothyroidism affects the skin and coat with the pet.

Areas in which puppy loses hair caused by hypothyroidism:

  • Neck area beginning the front to the chest
  • Both edges of the body
  • Thigh area
  • Tail top

In case connected with thyroid deficiency, you will notice that the color of the pelt also changes because of pigmentation. Hair loss being bilateral occurs on both features of the pet’s shape. The hair on the cover becomes brittle contributing to excessive fall. Skin spots with displaced hair are generally dry, puffy and tarnished. Growth of fur from these places is extremely slow and wet. Seborrhea is secondary problem of thyroid deficit and involves reducing of flaky skin and hair hair follicles.

Diagnosis and treatment:

If your dog shows the above-mentioned signs then you need to take the animal for an immediate vet’s visit. Your vet should be able to confirm whether the pet is suffering from hypothyroidism or not. As this thyroid deficiency is a everlasting problem, it requires long-term cure. The treatment requires day by day replacement of thyroid endocrine with synthetic chemicals. Dosage is as each the weight of the pet. It should be done with a vet’s guidance simply. This way, pet’s baldness will reduce extensively.

To conclude, if your puppy is suffering from hair loss of a specific layout then it might be the event of hypothyroidism. Simply take him to the vet’s and start the treatment. Gradually his shiny cover will come back to normal. All the best!

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