When you brought your brand-new dog home you probably were built with a big listing of places where you would exercise him regularly.

From the dog park to the beach, or lovely rural walks, a couple weeks ago pet friendly patrols were bountiful.

But right now, most of us are stuck with the properties we own.

And if you have an enormous backyard in an isolated plot, it's frustrating although not the end of the planet. But what about everyone having a backyard to rival the typical postage stamp? Or people with no green space whatsoever?

How on Earth will we exercise our alone companions for the next few weeks?

Dogs Have no need for Walks

Wait? What? That title must be a mistake!

Nope. I'm delighted to inform you that the average pooch can cope magnificently without ever being marched around the city to have an hour, or racing down and up the dog park.

Of course, they enjoy these outings around we do. Let's be honest, once the weather conditions are grim they like it a whole lot more than we all do. But it's not is a necessity.

This view isn't one that is popular within our usual realm of walks.

Lots of individuals feel that dogs have a to be popped around the leash, but usually so long as you are keeping their mind or body busy in other ways then they can be totally happy with no more formal outing every day.

And within this ” new world “, where most of us are stuck indoors for the foreseeable, let's run through the methods to keep a dog happy on house arrest!

Indoor Games

There are some traditionally fun games that many dogs love which can be fairly easily used in an indoor setting.


Maybe your dog loves a game of tug, maybe she's just a little pull then surrenders and wanders off.

Don't worry, you will get any dog being more excited by tug and for that reason more worn out by it as an exercise.

There is a straightforward trick that many owners miss when trying to interact their dog inside a bet on tug, and that is to allow them win.

At first you need to allow them to win, and do so really fast.

Pick up a fairly long toy and wiggle it around on the ground to get her attention, allow her to pick up one end and as soon as she tries to tug it let go.

Release your hold while she's pulling, not after. Allow her to seem like she's won.

Start again, wiggling the toy until she picks up and dropping when she does a big tug.

When she's decided she's a champ only at that, you can wait for a second strong tug before giving up the toy.

After you've played several times you will learn what her most enthusiastic tug feels like, and know when you should release to permit her to depart victorious.

Keep sessions short but regular, and also the minutes of enthusiastic tugging will quickly build up.

Mini Fetch!

Make sure you use a toy that fits environmental surroundings. So small balls or retrieving dummies outdoors, but a soft toy that won't roll and break anything within the home.

Start by dropping the toy a few feet out of your own feet. Whenever your dog has taken it back throw it slowly, a little further. Increase the distance as far as your house permits you!

Doggy maze

A game we played with this dogs as a kid, prior to the world had any inclination of the quarantine in the future, was doggy maze.

Get a number of their usual kibble. Make sure to go away from the amount you allow them for supper. We do not want to introduce extra food when the opportunities to keep fit are restricted!

Pop your dog right into a different room and close the doorway.

Start in a relatively clear space, such as the hallway, and make a trail of kibble pieces to allow them to follow.

If they enjoy following your trail you can extend it.

Avoid fragile or wobbly furniture, and start by making simple to use for them to find.

You can then leave bigger gaps because they get used to the sport, and make it tougher.

Scent Games

One step up in the doggy maze are scent games. And also you have no need for an enormous amount of space to experience them.

These make use of a smell that's appealing to your dog to enable them to play tracker. Dip a cloth in the juice from some cooked meat, and put aside a little for his or her prize at the conclusion.

We're playing this indoors so don't use raw meat, and ensure you simply play in an area by having an simple to wipe clean floor.

Pop your pet into another room and shut the door. Then run your cloth along the floor for a few feet. Put their treat at the conclusion.

Make sure the program starts where they will go into the room.

Now enable your pup in and watch them track!

Don't forget to clean up thoroughly afterwards!

Busy Brains make for Happy Puppies

Another method to exercise your pet on lockdown is to create ways to keep them mentally active.

And there are many ways you can do this.

The first requires some kit. If you don't curently have this you can order it on the internet, or simply skip straight to the following section!

Puzzle Feeder

We are actually big fans of puzzle bowls and puzzle toys.

These are available in an enormous variety of different versions, from quite simple to surprisingly complicated.

You will find lots of options here.

But now let's leap onto my favorite method to keep your dog busy when you're stuck indoors…


We are huge advocates of positive reinforcement practicing dogs.

Not only do modern methods help you to train your dog, they also enable you to develop a great bond.

Not to mention keeping those mental muscles exercised when you are trapped at home! And not just the dog’s-

Whether you need to practice some basic principles like capturing and luring, or go for one of the bigger obedience skills like sit or the fabulous clicker heel. There's plenty to be getting on with!

Exercising Your pet In Small Spaces

Stuck aware of only a tiny backyard, or simply indoor space? It is important would be to not worry too much.

Let's face it, there is enough to consider right now.

Your dog won't arrived at any harm from not walked for a few weeks.

Keeping their brain busy is essential, but they can cope all right with less physical exercise for a time.

Stay safe, making the most of this enforced time together with your dog. After all, regardless of anything else comes out of the, they are definitely happy to have us home.

How Do You Exercise Your Dog Indoors?

Share your very best tips and concepts in the comments box down below!