There is definitely an saying “You are what you eat.” This saying not just pertains to people but also pets. Better quality food constitutes higher quality substances that ultimately results in higher quality life of pets. Quality meals are comprised of important nourishment hence, if you are looking for high-quality commercial dog food, then nutrition is among the key components that you need to scrutinise prior to making the purchase decision.

By getting commercial dog food with higher nutrition, you ensure that the pet gets higher quality food, thereby reducing their chances of suffering from skin disorders and ear infections, itching and inflammatory bowel disease. It also ensures that the pet has shinier coat, better tone of muscle and muscling, more energy, better temperament, stronger bones along with other immediate benefits of better nutritional diet. Overall, pets feel good and healthier after eating a high quality nutritional diet.

The other benefit of having better nutrition in pet food is it improves the overall immune system from the pet. This leads to enhanced health for a long period of time with less strain on the pet’s organs. If you don't provide a nutritional diet to your furry pals, the kidney and liver from the pet have an additional burden to get rid of toxins, including preservatives, dyes, chemicals from their body.

Without proper nutrition, the pet food would constitute of by-products or fillers which make the pet full but do not provide the nourishment necessary for a healthy body. When the body from the pet is not flourishing, the mind is disturbed by feeling uneasy. The pet overall does not feel as well as they should because their spirit continues to be compromised.

Let us now consider the different things that constitute a high-quality pet food:

  • High-quality commercial dog food includes meat and/or meat meal as the primary ingredient. There is also a carbohydrate source in high-quality premium foods, but with minimal grains. It constitutes human-grade ingredients and Omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids. Avoid fillers like corn, wheat and soy components which are the primary reason for allergy in pets that is caused because of intolerance of those fillers. The food ought to be free from by-products, fillers, chemical preservatives, artificial flavours or colours within the ingredients.
  • High-quality commercial dog food provides better nutrition that assists in the digestibility from the pet. Also, look into the protein that is present in the pet food. There's two kinds of proteins utilized in pet food:
    • Digestible protein
    • Crude protein

Lower quality food utilises crude protein including goat hair, chicken beaks, cow hooves amongst others. The issue with one of these proteins is they are eliminated with the stool of the pet without any nutritional benefits to your pet. Meat source of protein also considered as digestible protein in pets is essential for cats and dogs in comparison to grain sources of protein since these animals are carnivorous naturally and thus their digestive tract is geared by meat and never corn, wheat or soy.

  • There know poor food brands that add artificial flavours or sugar to the food to make it more palatable for the pet. But don't forget, a high-quality commercial dog food wouldn't only have better palatability which would taste better naturally, but it will not have any artificial chemicals or sweeteners.

Remember, a single pet food is not the one-way solution for those pets. This will depend around the pet’s age, medical problem, defense mechanisms, and lifestyle. Hence, the easiest method to choose high-quality pet food would be to take the recommendation of your veterinarian. Depending on the kind of pet you have, the veterinarian would inform you which kind of food source is the best for him/her. This includes whether the protein source ought to be or fish based, steak or white meat.

The veterinarian will even inform you the proportion of carbohydrates it ought to have. This is particularly important if your pet is suffering from diabetes or kidney disease. Ensure that whatever food that the veterinarian suggests is of high quality and doesn't have ingredients that can put an additional strain on your pet’s body.

A range of high-quality foods can be found in the current market. It's because the increased awareness amongst owners to give high-quality nutritional pet food for their furry pals. While cost is among the determining factors while acquiring the pet food, the digestibility from the meals are extremely important. Since, the greater digestible the food is, the less amount of food you'll feed to your furry pal. So, a bag of food of higher cost can last longer.

The palatability of the meals are another key factor. The greater palatable the food is there's less probability of your pet to waste it. Hence, you will not need to toss the food that the pet does not eat. Hence, a healthier pet leads to less maintenance costs.

In the finish, it has to be asserted nutrition is paramount with regards to commercial dog food. Read the product label properly after which select the best high-quality food that contains rich ingredients excluding preservatives, by-products, chemicals and fillers. Should you here are some ideas your dog have a long and healthy life.

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