This post will go above some reasons To never use an electric kennel area for dogs.

I’m actually a fan of electric fencing for dogs, sometimes the underground “invisible” fence variety or the current, wireless versions. Ask for one of my posts in support of electronic walls here.

(I know the correct period is electronic fence, but most individuals incorrectly say electric).

Electronic fences have worked well in my family’s dogs over the past 15 years, allowing each of our dogs years of off-leash convenience. This allowed them to be considered a much more central a part of our lives because they had got to be out with people.

You might wonder:

Why could you need an electric kennel area?

Why not just put up an actual fence?

For us, there are 2 reasons:

  • It would not be simple to put up an actual fence around the overall property. It’s a lot of space. This would be not affordable and would furthermore look bad.
  • My mothers and fathers live on lakefront property. It can’t make sense to fence in the back yard with a physical fence as it would be right on the lake.

Still, there are a few issues with electric walls, so I thought I’d personally address some of them here.

Using a shock/e-collar is NOT?one of my reasons. There’s nothing wrong with e-collars when put to use properly. The “correction” is needed to get the dog’s interest and is not meant to injure. It’s similar to a shaking cellphone