Some dogs pee when they’re nervous or fired up.

This is not a potty training situation. It’s an issue relevant to excitement, nervousness and also submission.

This can happen using male or female dogs along with adult dogs or puppies. Some pet dogs grow out of it as many people gain confidence as well as become calmer.

Some never.

This post will cover some concepts you can use to manage or maybe prevent your dog through peeing due to anxiousness or excitement.

How to know the difference between submissive you have to pee vs. excited peeing

There is often a difference between peeing because of nervousness/submission and peeing from excitement, but it’s not always easy to tell. Plus some dogs pee when they’re nervous AND when these are?excited!

Submissive urination

When a dog can be peeing due to distribution, nervousness or worry, it is more of a appeasing behavior