A dog’s digging is just one of those habits that may be really hard to break if you can’t supervise your dog every time he’s in the garden.

In this post, I’ll check out how I would stop a dog from rooting in the yard along with how to train your pet to dig in just one, specific area.

If you happen to be dealing with a dog that will digs, it helps to ask you three questions:

1. Some reasons why my dog excavating?

Usually it’s out of dullness and the habit could be fixed by growing exercise and discussion. Other times, it’s a routine linked to a strong quarry drive.

2. Is the looking really a big deal?

Can’t you merely put up with some pockets in your yard and dull paws?

Some people could. Some really won’t be able to.

3. Would you be OK with furnishing your dog a specific spot for a dig?

Like his own sand pit?

If your dog were in reality trained to dig only because one area, would you be Happy with that?

Now I’ll look at both options: Coaching the dog to search in his own location and teaching the puppy NOT to dig in any respect.

First, here are some reasons why pups dig:

  • It’s fun! Wooo!?This is a natural way to generate energy.
  • Instincts – Some canines are bred pertaining to digging and have a food drive!
  • It helps them cool off on hot days to weeks by digging in to the cooler dirt
  • A response to enthusiasm! (See above, “It’s enjoyable!”)
  • A way to handle boredom, nothing else for you to do
  • Habit
  • Trying to bury bone tissues or toys

How to teach your dog to dig a single area

This is as simple as putting together a good sandbox for your canine and then encouraging the pup to play and dig in that area.

The best way to achieve this is to simply build relationships your dog in that area together with reward him regarding playing/digging in the sand field while preventing her from digging in other areas until your dog learns.

You can do stuff like:


  • Place his toys within the sandbox & play with him or her there
  • Hide?treats and toys in the sand and also play “Find it”
  • Teach him an order like “Where’s your field?” or simply “Box”


How the particular heck do I create a sandbox?

Buy a cheap sandbox designed for boys and girls and fill it utilizing sand for your puppy. These typically have a very cover so you will continue cats and other creatures out of it at night. Some others just?fill an affordable, plastic pool together with sand.

Another option is to make a sandbox using lumber placed in a good square and secured together. My father and mother built me a sand box like this one when I was really a kid. It was brilliant!

How to stop a dog by digging.

You might be wondering, there’s no way in heck I’m building the dog a crushed stone box! I understand.

My way for stopping a dog through digging goes like this:

  • Reduce freedom and handle.
  • Prevent unwanted behavior simply by re-direction.
  • Reward good behavior.
  • Very gradually increase freedom as the dog is successful.

(Creepy, it’s the same as toilet training … and teaching 14 pretty much any idea.)

But first things first –?make sure your puppy is getting enough exercising and general puppy obedience training!

If a dog?is not having?adequate exercise and “work,” it’s not sensible to expect the dog to end any bad habits. View my post: Ten jobs for my pet dog.

Now that we have that off the beaten track …

1. Reduce freedom