How to stop your dog from “guarding” you from other pups at the dog park.

Does your dog do this?

Does your dog growl or chips or nip (or perhaps worse) at other dogs that method you?

While your dog might think he’s “protecting” you from a lot of these “threats,” those alternative dogs are NOT authentic threats and he must trust you to manage them.

I’m going to look at some of my basic thoughts and ideas pertaining to managing this problem. Take into account every dog is really an individual and it’s wise to consult with a professional personal trainer who can observe your actual dog.

These guidelines are to help you discuss.

How to stop a?doggy from guarding people at the?dog playground or beach

As always, it helps to look at why your dog might be guarding people.

Is it?

  • Resource guarding (in which you are the resource)
  • Protective norms of behavior (feels the need to preserve you or your other puppy)
  • Fear (I’ll get you which means you don’t hurt people!)
  • Not really guarding however , a lack of social skills
  • Reacting into the “excited” energy of the oncoming dog (does the guy react the same way so that you can calm dogs?)
  • Trying to master excited, nervous or even inappropriate energy connected with other dogs

I realize from time to time it’s hard to tell precisely why your dog is acting a certain way, so I propose you get an experienced friend to observe your dog’s tendencies (and YOUR behavior!) or maybe hire a professional fitness instructor. Even a single one-on-one period with a trainer can be quite a big help.

My 5 tips for getting control of this problem

*Obviously, avoid pet parks if your doggy is aggressive. Some dogs just can’t visit dog parks ever and that’s OK. These tips happen to be geared towards dogs that are still able to check out the park but are driving their limits.

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Tip #1