We are starting?our Finally week with weimaraner puppy Remy already. Can you feel that? He’s getting huge, about 18 fat.

Overall, we keep saying thats a good puppy he is, but of course we have a ton to work on and we’ve been having a few challenges too (aren’t many of us?).

If you have a new puppy or a new dog, it helps to write out a number of goals for each week. Weekly goals are great for puppies because a lot can change in just Few days.

Below?are my aims?for puppy Remy that turns 11 many days old on Thurs night. In the comments, make me aware what you’re working on in your dogs.

Goals for my 10-week-old pet (Third week residence)

Basic obedience training

1. Sit in every sorts of environments, working hard up to 30 seconds as well as releasing with “OK!”

2. Including “stay” but not really getting away yet, maybe just a couple of inches.

3. Down (like for example lie down) in lots of environments but especially at your home to make sure he knows it truly well. We’ll make an effort to 5 or 10 seconds.

4. Bring in “drop” (as in drop what’s in your mouth) during scenarios I put in place and while playing retrieve. (This puppy picks up every rock the guy sees. I’m guessing that’s not normal?)

5. Carry on working on waiting for food items. We’re up to around 15 seconds!


1. Sit outdoors somewhere like the postal service where people come and go and still have treats.

2. Visit nearby park down the street just after school when little ones will be out. Take treats!

3. Visit a doggy friendly patio/coffee place.

4. Sustain our daily taking walks around the neighborhood, aim to pick different avenues.

5. Handle his legs and give treats. Clip a nail as well as two each day. This individual squirms a lot, so We’ll release him when he’s got calm.

6. Introduce him or her to the bath tub for a quick bath

General behavior

1. Make a point not to consider whining for notice when he’s crated around my office. I think We’ll use a clicker in addition to “click” and treat another he’s quiet.

2. Pertaining to chewing and getting in to things, don’t do “no.” If they ignores my primary “no” and re-directing isn’t functioning, just calmly fit him in his crate for 10 minutes.

3. Pay back calm behavior approximately cats and more aged dog Ace. Re-direct the pup if he concerns them. Kennel him or her for a few minutes or else calming down.

4. Go on working on walking up to the potty place without being carried! Beneficial boy!


1. Continue all of our routine of 30-min morning hours walk and for a longer time evening walk. Add a short afternoon go or training session. He needs more interaction.

What’s going really well with these puppy?

1. Remy is doing nicely with potty training, because of me?for taking your pet out often! And due to the crate to get giving me a bust.

2. Remy is good at leaving my three senior pets alone. This individual realizes they are boring and grumpy.

3. This dog can by now go for 30-minute walks no less than. Thank God. I can’t visualize how energetic he would be otherwise!

4. He has very smart in addition to picks up on things easily.

5. He’s learned to wait for his food and water, up to about About 15?seconds until I believe that “OK!”

6. He is friendly utilizing strange people and also dogs and not scared of much.

7. He sleeps through the night 10 signifiant.m. to 6 a new.m. and usually people wake him upward. He also settles in his kennel throughout the day provided that he’s had many play and discussion. Thank God.

8. For the most part he’ll hang out quietly within my office while I perform.

Our puppy challenges therefore far

Our issues are probably relatively normal:

1. He attacks us a lot all of which will continue to do so with regard to awhile I’m sure. He gets really rough outdoors in the evenings. Why is that a fact of life?

2. My older doggie Ace is actually as a bit out of line with aggression. He will lunge at Remy when it’s improper like if Remy just walks by. Which means that I’m mostly managing that for now because know Ace is not feeling good. Thankfully Remy leaves The Grump on your own!

3. Remy seems to get concentrated on certain things just like picking up rocks or maybe having to touch every oil spot and other spots on the street. Also, he gets obsessed with the kitty scratching post additionally, the towels our kitties sleep on (never cool). Re-directing him is not going to always work consequently he usually ends up from a “timeout” for a few minutes.

4. He pulls on the lead hard already hence we’ll have to start utilizing some sort of training collar. I’m not going him to hurt her neck and I need my walks to be enjoyable.

5. Feeding precious time can get a little “exciting” close to here with a food-crazed pussy-cat and a hungry-hippo of a new puppy.

So that about amounts it up. What currently have I gotten me into? ??

What puppy advice do you have for me? Or perhaps, what puppy problems do you have?

Let me realize! Please and thanks a ton.

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