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Today I’m writing about how my mature dog Ace important a slow introduction (in excess of several weeks) to our pup Remy.

With dogs, the question “Is he / she good with other dogs?” should never have a good or bad answer.

I hear this query with shelter pet dogs all the time, and it’s not just a fair question because doing so sets them away for failure.

The answer should invariably be, “It depends.”

For example, listed below is how I would solution for Ace:

“Is he good with other dogs?”

It depends. Ace is friendly with other pets in public and has great social skills together with familiar and not known dogs. However, he will snap at all of our puppy in our condo if the puppy tries to jump on him, take his toy or barge up to him or her. He’s grumpy!

I’ve wanted to slowly introduce my outdated dog to experiencing a puppy.

We’ve experienced puppy Remy for a small over two months and after this the two dogs loosing in the same room in your home for about 20 minutes your day under supervision. Other time they are taken away from by a gate or maybe leashes.

Rather than organizing the puppy into the senior dog’s living, I realized the two important a slow transition for you to living together.

A huge help is?having quite a few highly valued treats I will stuff into Kong games to keep both puppies occupied and tranquil.

Thank you Droolers treats for helping my dogs quickly learn how to live peacefully in one location!

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How to slowly create?two dogs designed to live?together

1. Introduce these outside in basic territory

If your dog has?a tendency to “guard” your yard, garage or even your avenue, introduce them farther away from your home such as on a nearby park.

With old puppies and older dogs, it’s also far better to keep moving and invest in a short walk compared to. letting them barge upward head on right away. (This will cause some tension and infrequently leads to a snap or simply scuffle.)

2. Walk the pets together immediately.

If doable, it’s ideal when you can walk the two pets (with another older to help) with one inch front of the alternative and eventually side by side in the event that all seems to be running nicely.

Walk for 40 units or so, if possible. This offers them some time to enjoy each other, burn power and crate an optimistic experience as a “pack.”

3. Generate positive experiences alongside one another!

Each day I try some thing fun with my very own two?dogs collectively. I give them each one a Kong toy packed with treats while we hang out watching TV. I take them on walks together with each other because they get along effectively outside.

Or, I work in simple obedience training the place they are both given?treats for sits, keeps, downs, etc. They both along these lines because it’s simple, and perhaps they are less focused on one another and more on people and getting their Droolers goodies!

4.?It’s OK to maintain the dogs separated.

I initially wanted my a pair of dogs to spend just as much time together as possible in an attempt to force those to accept each other. I personally soon learned it is really much better to keep them lost most of the time (with gates) when we go about our normal routines.

This removes?pressure from them (and me) so when they are together I have the force to?focus and work out it positive.

5. Take advantage of dog gates as required.

You may need to invest in a high-quality entrance, but we have a low priced baby gate that really works. I section away from different areas, making it possible for my puppy to get out of his crate but unable to burden my senior canine.

The gate is favorable because it allows the pets to spend time in conjunction with boundaries. Sometimes you might lounge on each side with the gate bewteen barefoot and shoes.

Just make sure the gate is not really causing tension which include?if one dog is actually barking at the additional through the gate.

6. Tether one or both dogs.

Keeping our new puppy Remy on a leash plus tethered to anything sturdy (our heaviest dumbbells) has been practical because it allows your pet to be in the lounge with us in the evenings without a complete pest to your senior dog.

[quote_center]We supply our puppy?the Kong toy stuffed with Droolers goodies to keep him entertained.[/quote_center]

We give our puppy dog?a Kong toy filled with Droolers treats to keep your pet occupied and prevent him from getting distressed. As with the gates, you want to make sure the teather isn’t causing too much frustration for also dog.

Other tips:


  • Remove?choices for failure. Don’t supply them with too much freedom with each other, remove any cause of resource guarding for example toys, bones, bed frames, etc.
  • Reward calm tendencies from all dogs; relaxed dogs get compliment and food.
  • Accept it will have setbacks, very rarely might two dogs survive together and never currently have at least some minimal scuffles. They’re dogs. This really is normal.
  • Always be working with training and always become setting goals (no matter how little).


Let me know what else you’d add to the list.

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