You have to pick and choose what exactly dog training advice, guidelines and “style” to use for your own private dog. Don’t focus on me or anybody else.

With my own dogs (a senior Lab combine and a young weimaraner), I tend to gently guide these people to do what I want, praise them and allow firm corrections once in a while when they don’t do what is considered expected.

My focus is actually on structured workout, calm and beneficial leadership, consistency along with clear rules therefore they know what’s envisioned.

We have never allowed Remy the actual weim on the couch, one example is. Not once, not actually as a tiny puppy dog. Because of this, hopping about the couch is simply not on his radar. Crystal clear, consistent rules generate a big difference.

Still, Remy is a big struggle for me, constantly seeing what he can get away with.

My two dogs are very different, and I’m not really training or elevating Remy in the exact same strategy I raised my personal senior dog Expert.

So I wanted to share a number of the common training guidelines