Yes, you read that right!

This is a rare problem, but it’s the one which comes up every now and then from the emails I get.

For unknown reasons, the dog “holds it” before the owner takes him or her for a walk. He / she refuses to go to the bathroom while in the yard, only upon walks.

You might be considering, smart dog!

Yes, it’s very potential the dog figured out?whenever he pees right away the guy gets taken right back inside. However, if perhaps he holds that longer he gets to be outside longer.

Of system, the real problem could be if he starts going to the bathroom in a house because he doesn’t want to go into the yard. With any luck , you’re not having that difficulty. If so, then it’s time for you to go back to the basics as well as treat him for instance he’s not potty trained.

Possible motives your dog won’t choose potty or poop in the yard


  • He’s distracted inside the yard. (Neighbor puppies, certain smells, audio, he’s looking for members of the family)
  • He doesn’t like the covering in the yard (or maybe the potty area of your apartment complex), should it be woodchips, wet grass, unclean snow, etc.
  • He does not like the smells by so many other pets (if you’re in an condominium) or from him or her self (if you have a small back yard).
  • He doesn’t want to part in the pee or even smells from other puppies or from on his own.
  • Your dog prefers to go to the bathroom on bushes or. grass & there aren’t any trees in the yard.
  • He feels like your small backyard is an extension of your home & he doesn’t want for you to soil the area.
  • He’s never had a yard previous to so this is new to them – Perhaps he peed only on tangible at a shelter or only on moves in a past apartment home.
  • Some dogs will need to run?around a lttle bit before they have to poop!


Can anyone think of every other reasons? I’m sure there are many.

One related issue is certain dogs just can’t manage to go potty while with a leash if they’re used to planning potty?off leash in a back yard. You might notice this kind of with a recently adopted dog or if you are pet sitting a pet dog or if you’re flying with your dog.

You might think that it’s taking your canine friend forever to go, yet , he’s just not employed to peeing while on a leash. If that’s the case, I’ve found that a retractable tether helps so you can provide the dog a little more living space & freedom.

What to do in case your dog?won’t move potty or stools in the yard

The?first step is always to try to figure out why your canine friend is “holding this.” Hopefully some of the preceding bullet points can help. Should it be a new environment, just simply try to be patient and don’t forget to reward her for going toilet in the right put.

Here are some additional strategies:

1. Use the walk as a reward!

Stand with him for 5 or 10 minutes from the yard until he or she goes. Then get him for a stroll as a reward! Even if it’s just a good 5-minute?walk.

Also, don’t end?his / her?walks or head for home as soon as they pees. Keep walking for that bit. The fun should never end because he peed!

2. Give him 10 minutes to be and then head back on the inside.

If he doesn’t enter the yard, subsequently take him again inside. Put your pet in a kennel/crate if you’re anxious he’ll have an mishap. Then take the pup outside again inside a half-hour. Repeat as needed. I see you only have much time in a day, particularly if you’re trying to get ready for work, that’s what I’d suggest if at all possible.

When he at last does pee and also poop in the backyard, head out for?a stroll as a reward!

3. Use greatly regarded treats.

Go back to a few basics and compensate your dog with treasured food for peeing/pooping within the yard. Use jerky goodies, real chicken, string cheese, hot dogs, anything he loves! And strive to walk him as a reward to when you can.

4. Do not get frustrated.

I?employed to get mad inside dog Ace when he wouldn’t?poop during the yard. I’d be like, “Hurry up!” in a really mean voice. My evident frustration caused them to feel tense and stressed and maybe even afraid of me?and then he wouldn’t go to the bathroom for sure! Today I do know I have to be patient along with positive with them. He’s sensitive. ??

5. Will he need to move around?

Some dogs really need to jog around a bit in order to, shall we say, acquire things moving in to poop! This is bothersome because nearly every doggy I take running will poop in relation to two minutes into the run! That’s only the way it is!

If you think that your dog needs to move around a bit, try throwing the ball or maybe chasing him around the yard. He might stools then!

So those are my ideas. I am aware this is a strange niche but it really is a fairly common problem.

Have any of you dealt with this issue? How can you solve it?

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