Would you leave meat out of doors in the sun and heat, exposed to rodent and frustrate infestation? And then prepare that meat on your family? That’s the quantity of pet food meats are set.

Keep in mind as you read this, the FDA and every State government authority perceives this quality of meat is completely safe for pets to consume. (It’s outlawed, but FDA as well as every State Department for Agriculture isn’t interested in law.)

There is a portrayal plant in Paducah, The state of kentucky – “which makes pet food ingredients” – that’s coming under fire from some others who live nearby regarding the smell of be ready. From the NBC news radio station in Paducah, Kentucky (eye-catching added for stress)…

“Dennis Jackson lives not even 100 feet on the Dar Pro plant around Paducah,?and he’s advised of it every day. This smell keeps your pet inside.”

“The company, which are pet food ingredients, can be working on a plan to lower the odor.?Recently, it told Paducah area leaders that clean doors would be held closed and containers full of materials would?these days stay inside. Jackson said the smell just isn’t as bad, but it’vertisements still prominent.?“They provided a little progress, but nevertheless at times?it still receives pretty raunchy out there here,” he said.”

The WPSD Paducah information station also published a response letter from the rendering plant in order to city officials. One or two quotes from the DarPro portrayal plant letter…

“In response listed below is a summary of the actions being taken to prevent the potential for odor from the facility.

1. Containers and also trailers used for the collection of general refuse along with recyclable materials on the process will be taking place indoors.

3. The volume of all the materials will be reduced by the use of instituting the use of returnable containers using our feed stock suppliers.”



Raw meat pet food materials were stored out of doors in the sun and heat, additionally surely were swarmed with rodents together with bugs. With certainty these raw meats ingredients were constructing massive amounts of dangerous bacteria by the 2nd (producing extreme levels of deadly endotoxins after finalizing).

“General refuse” is included inside processing of pet food ingredients.

“Feed stock options providers” means livestock manufacturers. Which means whole expended animals will be saved in “returnable containers” at farms – yet again in the heat and also exposed to insect pests – until pickup by way of DarPro and processing in pet food ingredients.

Not using human food.

This very same method of ‘food’ production just isn’t allowed in human being food. As case in point, a recall just happened for “somewhere around 662,049 pounds of various poultry and meat products” destined for people to drink. From Food Security News: “The FSIS OIEA investigator discovered that the product had been stored under insanitary situations, including rodent hobby, in the storage sections of the property. FSIS and the establishment detained the remaining product. The items subsequently tried positive for alkaline phosphatase, showing evidence of possible faecal matter.”

But perfectly fine for dog food.

The FDA openly disregards federal law telling pet food manufacturers…(from Food Compliance Policy 690.309)…

“Pet food consisting of product from diseased creatures or animals that are fitted with died otherwise compared to slaughter…will be considered suit for animal intake.”

It is simply insanity designed for regulatory authorities to pet food ‘food’ when it is allowed to be sourced from decomposing, bug and mice infested meat – that has a side of ‘typical refuse’ sourced from inactive non-slaughtered animals. Insanity. This particular madness has to end.

This won’t happen, except for kicks…

Challenge to FDA each State Department connected with Agriculture

Pet food consumers that acquire issue with regulatory allocated of diseased pets or animals that are fitted with died otherwise when compared with slaughter, exposed to weather, animal and bug pests into pet food challenge virtually all regulatory authorities to eat pet food made with these components for 6 months; a AAFCO feeding trial promptly allow law being ignored. It’s food items, right? It’s safe and sound, right? That’s what we tell us. Prove it. You consume food it for six months time and then we’ll talk.



Wishing you and your pet(ersus) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Health and safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Supper PAWsible
Association for Truth of the matter in Pet Food

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